12 gross things couples secretly do that bring them closer.

We’ve always known that love is a little gross. But when we get really intimate with someone, that notion is taken to a whole different level. Your partner sees the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of you — and it’s not about your personality. While there are many benefits to getting close to your partner, sometimes couples get a little too close for comfort.

When the infatuation phase is over, in almost every relationship the inhibition threshold drops and the couple lets their true faces shine through. This usually reveals disgusting behaviors that one has often tried to hide beforehand.

Loving the other means showing yourself for who you really are and accepting your partner for who they really are. Relationships, therefore, come with some uncomfortable things. It’s holding your hair over the toilet when your partner throws up, it’s removing the hair on your back and being open about the grossest things. But love is just beautiful.

Here are 12 gross things couples secretly do:

1. Burps and farts

The burping and farting usually starts suddenly as soon as the infatuation phase wears off. If one of the two partners starts doing it at some point, the ice is broken and there is no holding back. But who says it’s bad? Burping and farting are completely natural mechanisms of the body that should not be suppressed for too long. So what’s in it? At some point, however, some couples regret that they even fell below this inhibition threshold.

2. Check if the partner stinks

Your partner is sweaty and afraid other people might smell their sweat. So, full of devotion, you approach its armpits to check what it is. Well if that ain’t love Also Read (14 Disgusting Things Women Do But Most Men Don’t Know About)

3. Leave the bathroom door open

Why would you close the bathroom door on your partner when you’re in the middle of an important conversation with your partner? Going to the toilet in the company of the other is proof that one has reached ultimate comfort in a relationship. Some couples even go so far as to allow one to brush their teeth while the other attends to “big business”.

4. Share the towel

Many couples share the towel after showering. Maybe there wasn’t anything else within reach and what’s the matter? You’re not disgusted by your partner’s body. Many couples are just too lazy to keep separate towels at hand all the time.

5. Share the razor

In this case, too, perhaps no other razor was within reach and you are already standing wet in the shower. You just grab your partner’s razor. She shaves her legs with it and he shaves his beard or other various places. 

6. Squeeze pimples

Popping your partner’s pimples is also one of the most normal things couples do. Either it’s a pimple that’s in a hard-to-reach place and you need your partner to pop it out. Or maybe you just like popping your partner’s pimples. Looks kinda funny too.

7. Smooching before brushing your teeth

It just has to be love! Everyone knows it: In the early morning after waking up, you sometimes smell something not very pleasant from your mouth. For some couples, kissing before brushing your teeth is unbearable, while others don’t find it bad at all. Also Read (10 Signs He’s Faking His Love for You Just to Get You in Bed)

8. Remove partner’s body hair

It’s amazing how many places hair grows on the human body. We all need an extra set of hands to remove them now and then, which many people enjoy doing for their partner.

9. Sharing the gum

Disgusting, but very handy when there’s only one left and it’s already in your partner’s mouth. But if you’ve just eaten garlic, there’s no getting around it! Many couples argue that they kiss anyway. Then why not share the gum?

10. Peeing in the shower if your partner is okay with it

We don’t secretly urinate in the shower, and most importantly, we never cross the line of peeing in the shower with our partner. Or does it? Well, it’s not that bad. Of course it has to be discussed first. If you clarify it beforehand, that’s no problem!

11. Picking things out of partner’s teeth

It’s one thing to tell your partner you’ve got something in your teeth. It’s quite another thing doing the digs for him. But some couples share this task. Also Read (Psychologists Say 10 Warning Signs Your Partner Is Impairing Your Mental Health)

12. Talking about “big business.”

Yes, some couples are particularly open. For example, they discuss the shape, size, and nature of “big business.” It could be the ultimate proof that we have a wonderful relationship. It might sound a bit crazy, but this could be a love story that just makes us feel good because we can really talk about anything without feeling embarrassed.