160 Reasons Why I Love You 💕

You once asked me why I love you and I replied: “Because I just do it.”

I never thought about the specific reasons, I know I love you because you make me smile whenever I think of you and because you are the best man I have ever met. But precisely because you are the best, you also deserve a detailed list of the reasons why I love you so infinitely… besides the “Because I just do it”.

When I first saw you, I didn’t know how much you would mean to me one day. I found it much more irritating that our paths constantly seemed to cross. No matter where I turned, you were there.

I hated the way you looked at me like an X-ray vision that I couldn’t hide from.

I hated the way you kept challenging me; made a debate between us out of any subject and seemed to tear my arguments apart. I thought you saw it as a life’s work to make me angry when I didn’t understand why you behaved like this.

Back then, in my wildest dreams, I couldn’t have imagined that I could fall so immortally in love with you. I had always complained to my friends about your cunning way of sucking me into tiresome conversations, about your need to come to me from the other end of the room, where we happened to find each other together, just to make me incandescent.

I laugh when I think back to those moments and how I now love exactly what I initially thought I hated with all my heart.

Because, I love how you don’t mince your words and share your intelligent views with everyone so confidently, but can handle any reaction.

I love our story, from the crazy beginnings to the deep friendship to the moment we met. I love that this story doesn’t seem to end and that a long, beautiful and exciting journey is still waiting for us.

And, oh God, I love the security I feel in your presence, the certainty that you are not playing games with me. I appreciate it more than ever that you showed your true colors from the beginning and that you were more interested in us getting to know each other well.

Before you, I often thought I had found true love, but it always ended up trying to pick up the fragments of my heart. But it was just my imagination, the idea of a love that I imagined in my head. I believed in words and held onto them even when everything else didn’t make sense. I believed that for a man I had to play a certain role in order to be loved. I had so little faith in true love.

Through you I have learned what is truly lovable in a person, what qualities your dream partner should really have and, above all, what true love should feel like. You taught me that in love you have no conditions to fulfill except, to be honest, and to love.

I’ve been looking for the wrong thing for so long while the real treasure was right in front of my nose. Only when I began to give up the search did my view become clearer – finally, there is my soul treasure.

Since I’ve known that, you have taken me lovingly in your arms and have not let go of me since. Now is the time to give you at least 160 reasons why I love you so immortally.

The reasons why I love you:

1. I love your eyes that look so deep inside me and seem to tell me that they like what they see. And I love to lose myself in them and immerse myself, and to forget everything around me.

2. I love your sincerity, a thing that I thought long ago died out.

3. I love you because I always feel safe and protected in your presence.

4. Because you were always there for me and never let go of us, no matter how difficult it was and how difficult it was to be with me.

5. Because you will make me some tea when I am not feeling well.

6. I love your genuine smile.

7. And your confident demeanor.

8. Because you are helping our blind neighbor across the street.

9. I love how you can have a good time with anyone, young or old.

10. I love you for always willing to drive me somewhere and for always accompanying me to my apartment at the beginning of our relationship.

11. I love you for doing the dishes without asking.

12. I love you for your knowledge – where I only understand train station.

13. I love you for knowing how to find your way in every situation. I never feel lost with you, even if we literally are – in a strange and deserted area in the middle of Madrid.

14. I love you for always respecting my limits.

15. I love you for your passion while we are making love and how you know exactly where to touch me.

16. I love you for being the person you most like to spend your time with and for standing before every soccer game.

17. I love that you always give me a kiss before you go, whether I’m awake or asleep.

18. I love the way you deal with children.

19. I love you for how you always know exactly when to bring me chocolate.

20. More than anything else in the world, I love your tenderness, hidden behind the hard shell that only I can feel.

21. I love the feeling when you wrap your hands around mine.

22. I love our little arguments when you complain about how I move “all” things in the kitchen and you never find the coffee in the same place. Again, my darling: Your eyes can also look around a little 😉.

23. I love you because you hug me at night until I fall asleep.

24. I love you for completely accepting other people’s opinions and never treating anyone badly.

25. When you touch me, my heart still beats at full speed after all these years.

26. I absolutely love you for never playing games with me or with other women. Your heart is exactly in the right place, I think you are not aware of yourself how special, wonderful, and unique you are.

27. I love you for texting me or calling me every day from work just to hear my voice and see if everything is okay.

28. I love your strong arms, the sight alone is enough to drag you straight into the bedroom.

29. I love you because you always have unconditional trust in me.

30. I love the way you proudly introduce me to others – you have made me so much more confident.

31. You challenge me to pursue my dreams.

32. You made me a better kind of myself.

33. I love that you understand when I have to be alone.

34. You’re the most patient man in the world – I love you for never getting upset or taking it personally when I’m in a bad mood.

35. I love that we always do the shopping together, so a chore turns into an enjoyable one.

36. Because I feel safe with you.

37. I love it and I find it incredibly sweet how you worry when I’m sick and always ask what you can do for me.

38. I love you because of your decency. You would never betray anyone for any money in the world.

39. You just make me happy.

40. You love me in my most terrible version, with a baggy look and an expression that everyone else would flee from.

41. You forgive me quickly.

42. I love you for attaching so much importance to hygiene and neatness, and for being well dressed, but not following any fashion trends or spending more time in the bathroom than I do.

43. You are brave.

44. You make the best coffee in the world.

45. I love the way you pull me up to you on the street and kiss me.

46. I love you for always putting your stuff away.

47. Others may not know any better, but I think it’s incredibly sexy that you are a non-smoker and don’t need alcohol to have fun or look manly.

48. Because you attach great importance to my opinion.

49. You are honest with me.

50. You can be used to steal horses.

51. You accepted and loved me in my craziest phases.

52. I love you because you are my lover, my friend, and my family at the same time.

53. You know me better than anyone else, and you still didn’t run away screaming.

54. Through you I have learned to look further, to question everything better.

55. It makes you so happy when I bake you a chocolate cake, even if you know that I will most likely eat most of the pieces …

56. I love your smell – is it too sick to wish it was available as a perfume?

57. You are not trying to show me how much you love me with words, you do it through your ways and your actions.

58. I can always count on you.

59. I love your sense of humor and how you make me laugh.

60. You see your mistakes.

61. You are playful, like a child, and are ready for any nonsense I plan to have.

62. I love it and melt away when you take my face between your hands.

63. Although we are so different, we complement each other so well.

64. You make me feel desirable.

65. You take care of the people who are close to you and don’t let anyone down, even if they don’t deserve it.

66. You’d rather make others happy with your money than spend it on yourself.

67. I love it when you ask me how my day was.

68. You keep telling me what you admire about me and don’t let me fall into self-doubt.

69. I love that you are always so warm and that I can always warm up with you in winter when I am cold.

70. You always get up on the train so that a grandpa or a pregnant woman can sit down.

71. It is so wonderful of you that you always do things that I ask you to do without complaining, even if, exhausted from work, you still have to drive to the other end of town to get to my favorite baker.

72. You are always the same person, no matter who you are with, you do not pretend to be anyone.

73. I love you for taking the first step when I can’t bring myself to do it.

74. I love you because you understand me without my saying.

75. You handle your money wisely. You know what you need to be happy – status and luxury, if you don’t run after this, for this reason, I love you infinitely for that.

76. You have a heart for animals.

77. You are interested in what I would like to do, but if I don’t know, you are sure to find something so that we can have a good day.

78. You are happy for my success, more than yours.

79. You take me jogging, even if I can barely keep up with you.

80. I love you for opening up to me and showing your vulnerable side.

81. You would do anything so that I would not be in pain.

82. You are such a friendly and positive person that everyone feels comfortable around you.

83. I admire your inner and outer strength.

84. You are so talented.

85. You try to get better and better, but you know your limits.

86. I love you because you always care whether I am comfortable.

87. With you I have had so many new experiences and tried wonderful things that I would never have had the courage to do on my own.

88. You show me the most beautiful places.

89. My fears disappear with you.

90. You gave me the perfect first kiss – thank you for the best memory in my life!

91. I love that we all make important decisions together.

92. I love you because you lift me up when I hate myself.

93. You always tell me the truth, even if it hurts.

94. Even if you like to amuse yourself at my clumsy moments, it is always meant nicely and never nasty.

95. Just hearing your voice makes my day better.

96. No place is cozier than you and the couch while we are watching movies.

97. I love you for all those little sweet surprises.

98. You know how to calm me down when I’m angry.

99. Because you are so smart and learn quickly.

100. Because you invested so much time and managed to win my trust.

101. I love you for allowing me to be myself.

102. I love that you do the housework with me because you know that it is more fun when I do it with you.

103. I love you for finding time for everyone else, but never getting to the point where I felt neglected.

104. You trust my intuition.

105. You can tell when I need your help and I’m too proud to ask for it.

106. You gave me more love than anyone else in my life.

107. You encourage me to write and believe in my dreams.

108. Because you love nature as much as I do.

109. And because you make plans for the future with me.

110. I love knowing that you would never intentionally hurt me.

111. You take care of your body.

112. You eat every shit I cook that I wouldn’t eat myself.

113. I love the person I am when I am with you.

114. Because I can talk to you about anything. When I talk to you, I don’t have to worry about your reaction, whether you might misunderstand or judge me.

115. Because you chose me.

116. I love you for doing everything you can to make our relationship work. After all these years, you haven’t stopped trying and fighting for us.

117. I can no longer imagine my life without you.

118. Because you always find just the right words to cheer me up.

119. I love you for the love you give me every day.

120. Because you look at me like I’m the only one in a crowded room.

121. I love the idea of growing old with you.

122. Life is simply more beautiful with you in it.

123. I love you for seeing my family as yours and getting on so well with them.

124. You make me feel like I’m good enough. You never expected or required me to pretend or do something that didn’t suit me.

125. I love you because we have our own little world that we don’t let anyone else into.

126. I love the way you smile at me every morning.

127. I love how focused you are in reading my stories and how interested you are in my work.

128. You would fulfill my every wish, you never just said that, you proved it several times.

129. I love you because we can also be quiet and it still doesn’t get uncomfortable. I just feel good in your presence, even when we have nothing to do.

130. I love your dimples in your cheeks – you have no idea how much!

131. You always tease me, and although I play annoyed, I love it.

132. You know what is good for me.

133. You are a real gentleman, with you I can walk the streets with my head held high.

134. I love our morning routine together.

135. I love how similar we think despite our differences.

136. You are good at exactly the things that I am hopeless at.

137. You are not afraid to show your affection for me in front of your friends.

138. I love your sense of adventure.

139. I love how you enjoy it when I run my hand through your hair.

140. I love you because I share thousands of my most beautiful memories with you.

141. Because I can choose which film we can see in the cinema.

142. Because you are an excellent driver.

143. Because you put your head on my lap to relax.

144. I love you because you made me the most important person in your life.

145. And because you protect me from others.

146. Because you like chocolate and cheese as much as I do.

147. Because you see the positive in every situation.

148. Because you’re the only person who never put me down.

149. I love you because you actually read the books that I give you.

150. You are so cute when you sleep. I feel so privileged to know your strangest sleeping poses.

151. I love to hear your breath when I wake up from a bad dream at night, it calms me down and rocks me back to sleep.

152. I love it when you wait for me in front of my workplace on nice summer days to take me out to eat ice cream.

153. I love to watch you play soccer with the boy next door – I couldn’t think of a better father for our future children.

154. Because you sing for me.

155. I love it when you make the kitchen unsafe on Sunday mornings with your dance performances to cranked radio music while making waffles and coffee for us.

156. I love that you keep putting sunscreen on me when we’re on the beach.

157. My hand fits perfectly into yours.

158. I love your style.

159. Because you look at me when I’m wearing my blue summer dress.

160. Because you are the second piece of the puzzle in my soul.

I could find a hundred more reasons that make you irresistible and that have kept my heart forever.

Thank you for making me so happy! 😘