235+ Entertaining “Would You Rather” Questions

Here are the best, most interesting, and funniest “who would rather” questions.

Just pick a type of question, whether it’s joke questions or interesting questions, and go ahead and play it with your friends, partner, or family!

Afterward, we also selected 77 “would you rather” questions that are just as funny and interesting as the “who would rather” questions. You can also use them and see what the players would choose.

Interesting “who would rather” questions

Who would rather…?

1. Survive a month without a cell phone?

2. Exploring the rainforest only with a machete and a lighter?

3. Jump into the water from a height of 30+ meters?

4. Do without technology for a year?

5. Do without the Internet for a month?

6. Get along with the only €5 for a longer period of time?

7. Can you hold out longer without sleep?

8. Show no emotions for 24 hours?

9. Speak longer and better only in rhymes?

10. Become famous and give up your family?

11. Change your gender?

12. Cheat on your partner?

13. Camping in the rain for a week?

14. Survive in the wild?

15. Go to jail?

16. Do without make-up completely?

17. Being able to be silent for a week?

18. Have a one-night stand without contraception?

19. Leaving his friend to save his pet?

20. Will you only eat plants all your life?

21. Going out barefoot in winter?

22. Don’t wash your hair for a month?

23. Ride a bike every day and never drive?

24. Live on an island for a year but get € 300,000 for it?

25. Read a hundred or more books a year?

26. Eat the hottest chili in the world?

27. Kissing a stranger on the street?

28. To survive a lifetime without your favorite food?

29. Do without YouTube and get Netflix for free?

30. Not eating fast food for a month?

31. Go to school at Hogwarts?

32. Have his breasts enlarged?

33. Not looking in the mirror for a month?

34. Don’t eat anything for three days or more?

35. Write a bestseller book?

36. Spend all your money in a casino?

37. Walking around with the same clothes for a month?

38. Cycle 100 km at a time?

39. Achieve your goals?

40. Studying at Harvard University?

41. Become Federal Chancellor?

42nd meet President Trump?

43. Do plastic surgery?

44. Drop a valuable item?

45. Rob a bank?

46. Exen the water in the pickle jar?

47. Give up all of your friends for more money?

48. Do you without sweets all your life?

49. Save the country from invasion?

50. Be a giant?

“Who would rather?” ask

51. Be a werewolf?

52. Wear just single color for the rest of your life?

53. Be a vampire?

54. Can read minds?

55. Take drugs?

56. Solve the problems in everyday life better?

57. Become an astronaut?

58. Have s*x for money?

59. Become a porn star?

60. Survive a party marathon of seven days?

Survive a party marathon of seven days

61. Kiss someone of the same s*x?

62. Spend your life helping others?

63. Get money and travel around the world?

64. Learn Japanese?

65. To live without the Internet for the rest of his life, but have superpowers for it?

66. Go skydiving?

67. Live underwater and never come back on land?

68. Read through the whole Bible in two days?

69. Read Fifty Shades of Gray?

70. Quit your current job?

71. Adopt a child?

72. Make a new discovery?

73. Dive with sharks?

74. Win the Nobel Peace Prize?

75. Become a philosopher?

76. Become a psychologist?

77. Become a professional hacker and work for the Russian secret service

78. Can travel through time?

79. Become the nicest person in the world?

80. Climb Mount Everest?

81. Arrested for causing a public nuisance?

82. Forgot your partner’s birthday?

83. Become just like his parents?

84. Play the villain in a movie?

85. Surprisingly become a Youtube star?

86. Mess with the staff in the restaurant?

87. Find a million dollars on the street?

88. Stay single forever?

89. Leave Earth and live on Mars?

90. Be abducted by aliens?

91. Be the last person on earth?

92. Have more than one girlfriend at the same time?

93. Find a treasure?

94. Be an FBI agent?

95. Be better with animals?

96. Be a better owner of a pet e.g. dog, cat, hamster, etc.?

97. Donate all his property for the poor of this world?

98. Delete your Facebook account?

99. Take part in a reality TV show?

100. Exploring a forest alone at night?

101. Get a piercing or tattoo?

102. Survive a kidnapping?

103. Sell everything to travel the world?

104. Change jobs with someone?

105. Get extremely good at a sport?

Funny “who would rather” ask

Who would rather…?

106. Go to the monastery?

107. Become a crazy/crazy grandpa/grandma?

108. Ended up in hospital because of a chocolate overdose?

109. Eat at least 5 raw eggs?

110. Shave a bald head?

111. Walking naked through a crowd?

112. Acting like a madman in public?

113. Go to a restaurant and eat the food you brought with you?

114. Touching a stranger’s bottom?

115. Get caught having s*x with parents?

116. Go out without underwear?

117. Participate in “In the Middle of Life”?

Play along with…?

118. Smoking weed with his parents?

119. Fart loudly in front of people at school or at work?

120. Wear sandals with socks?

121. Shave your eyebrows?

122. Put on Borat’s swimsuit and go to the beach like that?

123. Storming onto the stage at a lecture and pulling the speaker’s pants down?

124. Wearing an embarrassing outfit to an interview?

125. Eating insect specialties in a foreign country?

126. Marry a tree?

127. Shower the police with Coke and run away?

128. Watching porn in public with speakers?

129. Win the lottery and spend it all?

130. Having to cry at a romantic film?

131. Eat a can of cat food?

132. Found your own religion?

133. Try Surstromming?

134. Drink from a baby bottle every day?

135. Live with his parents when he’s 30?

“Who would rather?” ask

136. Coming home drunk at night and ringing the bell because he can’t find the key?

137. Falling asleep during class?

138. Just dancing all day?

139. Live 24 hours in his car?

140. Being homeless for 5 days?

141. Be a servant all day and not complain?

142. Intentionally yawning at an interview?

143. Watch girl’s movies with his girlfriend or boyfriend?

144. Walk through the streets preaching the end of the world and the apocalypse?

145. Find a genie in a bottle?

146. Booing loudly at a public event?

147. Become the eighth wonder of the world?

148. Go out with a real witch?

149. Eating your birthday cake alone?

150. Accidentally showing up at work in pajama bottoms?

151. Live in a haunted house for 24 hours?

152. Have a wet dream tonight?

153. Laundering money for the mafia?

154. Paint a picture of a penis on a wall?

155. Send an embarrassing picture?

156. Do something for your career with your boss?

157. Get addicted to s*x?

158. Eat a cake from the bare belly of the other?

159. Build yourself a museum about yourself?

160. Now spontaneously undressing naked?

161. To sleep with an ugly but very nice person?

162. To sleep with a beautiful but stupid, arrogant, and characterless person?

163. Have a threesome?

164. To die a virgin?

165. Singing loudly and embarrassingly in public?

166. Have a monthly salary of € 5000, but wake up vomiting every morning?

167. Burp in public?

168. Singing loudly and embarrassingly in front of your whole family?

169. Laughing yourself to death at a meeting?

170. Showering yourself with milk and going to work like that?

Who would be more likely to shower themselves with milk and go to work like that_

Those were the “who would rather” questions. Now we have 77 fun and interesting “would you rather” questions, where everyone can play.

77 “Would you rather” questions

Would you rather…?

1. Getting dirty and unable to wash for a week or wearing the same clothes for a year?

2. Have elbows that are turned upside down or knees that look backward?

3. Have a completely blank keyboard or just have to type with your two index fingers?

4. Have no television or internet for a week?

5. Watch a Harry Potter marathon or a Lord of the Rings marathon?

6. Would you rather sit for a week in total darkness or a week in blinding light?

7. Forego sweets forever or fast food forever?

8. Never have s*x on the internet?

9. Can you only burp or only be able to fart?

10. To be invincible or to be invisible?

11. Get blown in a hurricane or lost in a flood?

12. Sleep forever without a blanket or sleep without a pillow?

13. Can stop time at will or can time travel?

14. Be immortal or live only 35 years, but can fly, become invisible and never have to breathe again?

15. Never having to eat and go to the toilet or never having to breathe and never sleep again?

16. Live on the street or only ever live in one room?

17. Never have to go to the bathroom or never have tooth decay?

18. To be able to foresee the future or to see into the past?

19. Be poor but have the nicest parents in the world or be rich but have parents who don’t treat you well?

20. Never watch films again or never watch series again?

21. Sitting naked on a cactus or sitting in the desert in a ski suit?

22. Living happily in the matrix or living unhappily in the real world?

23. Live as the only human among animals or live among humans as the only animal?

24. Have a plane crash or sink into a ship?

25. Be a great artist or a talented scientist?

26. Live somewhere where it will never be day again or where it will never be night again?

27. Have to automatically sing or dance along with every song?

28. Never use salt again or have to eat too much salt?

29. Do without pizza or pasta for life?

30. Can only eat finished products or have to go to a restaurant for EVERY meal?

31. Could buy so much what you want today or buy one thing every day?

32. Find out that your family has a secret from you, or find out that all of your friends have a secret from you?

33. Be ugly and rich or be pretty and poor?

34. Can walk through walls or be invisible?

Would you rather be able to walk through walls or be invisible_?

“Would you rather…?” ask

35. Living in a strange city without knowing the language of the inhabitants of living alone on an island?

36. Spend a night alone in the woods or spend a night in a haunted house?

37. Have no family or have no friends?

38. Have a 360 ° view or see things clearly in the distance?

39. To be worst on a winning team or best on a losing team?

40. Listening to classical music for a day or listening to hits for a day?

41. A year without a shower or a year without internet?

42. Live forever in a big city or forever in the country?

43. To be born again in the future or in the past?

44. Magically change your gender every year or be forced to move and start over every year?

45. To be a famous Olympic athlete that the world knows or a famous actor that is only known in America?

46. Have stretchable legs or have stretchy arms?

47. Get stung by 20 bees in random places or get kicked hard in front of each shin 10 times?

48. Be captured by a wild tribe in the jungle or be captured by pirates at sea?

49. Being forced to walk around without pants for a month or losing all of your hair for a month?

50. Are severely offended or slapped in the face by a stranger?

51. Have a stylist who does your hair and make-up every day or a fashion freak who chooses a new outfit for you every day?

52. Refrain from brushing your teeth for a month or refrain from showering for a month?

53. Always eat only Chinese or always only eat Mexican?

54. Can’t survive if you don’t eat something every hour or if you are unable to taste anything for the rest of your life?

55. The main role in a lousy film or an extra role in a great film?

56. Be so famous that everyone knows you or can live in peace and quiet?

57. Sleeping with your best friend or sleeping with your best friend’s mother/father?

58. To be a singer or an actor?

59. Eat the same food for the rest of your life or watch the same thing on TV for the rest of your life?

60. To be invisible, but only for 10 seconds at a time, or to be able to fly but only half a meter high?

61. People can change but not themselves or can change you but no one else?

62. Travel the world in a wheelchair or spend your entire life within a 200 km radius?

63. Know a few things about everything or know everything about a few things?

64. Give a speech to the whole nation or sleep with tarantulas in your bed?

65. Wearing black or white for the rest of your life?

66. Have 150 EUR in coins or 100 EUR in notes?

67. To die slowly and without much pain or to die quickly and in great pain?

68. Walk a mile over burning coals or walk a mile over Legos?

69. Have to live with your parents for the rest of your life or live alone in a huge villa without a partner?

70. To be famous for something terrible or to remain unknown forever?

71. Never being able to use your favorite app or never watching your favorite series again?

72. Have to do without social media or all search engines?

73. Give up meat forever or vegetables forever?

74. Never being able to speak again or never see again?

75. Never be able to leave your home country or return to your home country?

76. Can only brush your teeth once a year or wash your hair only once a year?

77. Have to party every weekend or chill out every weekend?