9 Surprising Things Men Find Unattractive About Women

Indeed, it is very difficult to understand what men really want from their women. They may fall in love with the most popular girl in their college, but secretly want to date a nerd.

They look at the girl, who is very beautiful and well dressed, and at the same time admire the football player who helped the college win the tournament.

We women, in turn, often tend to do so many things to impress the opposite sex. But are they really effective? Basically, it is not. While men can fall in love with many women, when it comes to their partners, they have certain reservations.

Most women don’t understand this and end up getting lost in the crowd. What may seem very natural and attractive to us, in fact, are negative aspects in a woman directly for men.

So, we have created a list for you to know about 9 secret things that men find unattractive in women.

Tons of makeup

Yes, guys fall in love with celebrities wearing a ton of makeup, but when it comes to choosing a partner, they never will. Men love women who are naturally beautiful. Maximum use of eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick, foundation, etc. hides your natural beauty.

Your natural beauty comes from the way you smile or the way you tuck your hair behind your ear. This is what men want from their women. Artificial beauty makeup is extremely unattractive. Men want to see their women in their true form, with their pimples and dimples. So wash those tons of makeup off your face and be natural.

A girl in need

Let’s be honest. The children’s stories were lies. No man likes to be with a girl who constantly plays the victim. Men love women who can complement them and vice versa. The truth is, they have better things to do in life, instead of walking around like princes in shining armor and rescuing damsels in distress.

Extreme changes

Are you planning to cut your hair because the guy you like appreciated a girl with short hair the other day? No. He can like anyone, and not necessarily that he likes short hair. On the contrary, men do not like women who make extreme changes in their appearance, such as completely changing their hair color or undergoing cosmetic surgery.

A man would never want his woman to change artificially for him. He fell in love with you for the woman that you are.

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Drama queen

Men hate drama. If you plan on getting his attention by becoming a drama queen, you will definitely get it, but in negative ways. Men prefer simple women and hate complications. They will never want their women to create scenes everywhere.

Gossip Girl

We all love gossip, but not always. You may have a scandal or a rumor that has taken place in your circle, and you, of course, want to share this news with your man.

But, when he spends time with you, he wants to spend it qualitatively, alone; do not destroy his desire with gossip. Gossip means that you humiliate others, but you cannot gain importance in men’s eyes by devaluing others.

Memories of the former

Your ex may have been the worst man in the world, but there was a moment when you loved him when he meant everything to you. But why remember it now? You don’t give importance to your current partner by talking about your ex.

On the contrary, your man may feel that if you break up, you will also pluck evil words in his direction. It will rather scare him away. Insulting a person you once loved means you don’t cherish the good times you had with them and don’t respect them at all. Men want to be respected, and when they see that their women don’t treat anyone like that, they hate it.

No life

You may not be as successful as your man, but you must have your own life. A man is not attracted to a woman who has no life or purpose in her at all. A man always wants his woman to be confident, inspiring so that others can look at her and envy him.

Making him the center of your universe will not get his attention. Instead, he will be disgusted because you do not have your own professional or social circle.

Participation in catfights

Men hate petty quarrels. If you engage in catfights with other women to show that you are better than them, you are simply pushing your man away from you.

Dependence on a man

Every man wants his woman to need him, but being dependent on him for every aspect of your life will make him feel claustrophobic. He wants to be your partner, not your parent or guardian. Don’t burden him.

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