3 Zodiac Signs That Could Have A Bad November 2021

Each month, fortune reshuffles its cards and distributes luck to certain zodiacal profiles. While for many of them, luck will be on their side, 3 signs will have a bad month of November 2021. This eleventh month of the year will rhyme with disillusion, bitterness, and anger.

November 2021 will be one of the worst months of the year for 3 zodiac signs. These 30 days will be tinged with upheavals and mishaps from both a romantic and professional point of view. This eleventh month will have a bitter taste for them.

1- Cancer

This Water sign known for its extreme sensitivity will be extremely unlucky in November. However, he will be driven by a desire to do well and take control of his life. Unfortunately,  the stars will have decided otherwise for him and will send him trials that will not be devoid of teaching. If this eleventh month of the year 2021 has unpleasant surprises in store for him, it is especially on a professional level.

He will experience setbacks due to his emotional and impulsive side at work. A change of job is to be expected, an event that will change his plans for the coming year. For celibate Cancer, loves will not be in good shape since this susceptible of the zodiac will have bad encounters which will push him to his limits.

As a couple, his union will be in a bad way for futile conflicts that could jeopardize his relationship. However, this bad patch is gradually fading as the month of December approaches. This delicate period will be rich in lessons and will teach this sign resilience and patience.

2- Capricorn

This Earth sign will be chased by bad luck in the month of November. It will all start with a friendly disappointment which will end in a betrayal that has a hard impact on Capricorn’s emotions. This event will put him in an unpleasant mood that will affect his loved ones. This will earn him conflicts due to a lack of communication that will have severe repercussions on his relationships.

His professional life will not be very bright since this pragmatist of the zodiac will no longer feel stimulated by the tasks entrusted to him. He will feel more than ever locked in a career that does not suit him and will enter into full introspection. This intense reflection will not lead to conclusions adapted to its true vocation.

Capricorn, this exceptional zodiac sign, will feel misunderstood by his peers who will not give him the importance he will need in these troubled times. His emotional life will also be at a standstill if he is single because his state of mind will not make him ready for a nice meeting. In a Relationship, he will tend to wall himself in silence rather than explain what is bothering him. His perpetual pessimism will prevent him from taking action to get better. Fortunately, the end of this bad luck month for this sign will bode better.

3- Scorpio

The native of Scorpio will live a month of November 2021 for the less unpleasant. And for good reason, there will be many questions about the future. He will realize that his tendency to impulsiveness leads him to act with regrettable consequences.

He will spend the eleventh month of the year making up for his mistakes both professionally and personally because of his temperament. This ardor he shows will serve him because the collateral damage of this temperament will lead him to frustrate his projects. If he is single, this mysterious zodiac will have a hard time communicating his intentions. In a Relationship, he will tend to be very sensitive and to initiate conflict on purpose.

One thing is certain: these trying days for Scorpio will cause them to show more control. The introspection that will result from his behavior will lead him to make more strategic choices and to better prioritize his priorities. These upheavals will help him to be closer to himself and his desires. No major decisions will have to be taken during this pivotal period, which must be approached with caution.

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