4 Zodiac Signs You’d Better Not Be In A Relationship With

It is easier for some people to run away from problems rather than face them. This observation comes from a desire to live life to the fullest without worrying about the repercussions and even less the problems involved in sharing your life with a partner. For them, a relationship can only be synonymous with pleasure and good times. As soon as the going gets tough, they set sail!

The zodiac sheds light on the personality traits of each sign, which makes it possible, by studying them, to determine who are most likely to flee a   complicated relationship or, conversely, to invest as much as possible to save their marriage.

In the latter case, for example, we know that Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, and Capricorn are the signs that are most involved in creating the ideal climate for a relationship and thus save or maintain their relationship. Conversely, other signs are less committed and will take their legs close to their necks so as not to face conflicting situations.

However, it is important to remember that ending a relationship is not in itself a bad thing as long as you take a step back and assess the situation. The following 4 signs are those that astrology has identified as likely to leave the ship of the life of a couple as soon as the going gets tough.


Cheerful and committed to their independence, this sign is as stubborn as they are impatient, which creates the perfect mix for a personality who loathes romantic confrontations.

Always in search of strong sensations, a relationship that enters a routine era no longer corresponds to the needs of this adventurer, he will do everything not to break his head and will once again seek this excitement that will make him feel.

However, instead of being distracted by a new quest, the ram must, and can, face reality. By showing patience, he can take the time necessary to analyze his relationship and choose either to leave and follow his desires, which is legitimate, if not to look for a way to forge links and revive his relationship.


Joyful and optimistic by nature, his element is a fire which makes him an adventurer all the time in pursuit of happiness, even if it means avoiding anything that could be likened to problems or complications.

When it comes to making a choice, a Sagittarius will never make concessions to the detriment of his person: he is available for his partner, but will never allow his relationship to deprive him of his sacrosanct freedom or that it is. an obstacle to achieving its goals.

His creativity and generosity are beneficial qualities that, if put to use, allow him to get involved positively to find good outcomes and solve many problems.


Always curious, this sign is a nonconformist who will always seek to question everything he has known to discover for himself his own convictions. He will never indulge in a certain routine because he values his independence: so, as a couple, any problematic situation is an opportunity to go and see if the grass is greener elsewhere.

Due to the influence of Saturn and Uranus, Aquarius has a fairly cold character that makes them able to quickly detach themselves from those who disturb them.

However, if Aquarius is attached to their partner enough, they can initiate a good discussion.


Generous, this sign has a romantic and sensitive personality. He can show self-sacrifice because he is constantly in search of emotional security and absolute fusion. Except that life is not always so rosy and reality may catch up to him to bring him down from his little cloud and plunge him into disillusion.

 He will prefer to move away instead of facing an antagonistic situation and having a serious discussion.

The fish will on the other hand be more inclined to find a lasting alternative if he considers that his couple is worth the trouble or if the story with the partner was sufficiently pleasant.

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