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5 Mistakes That Destroy Even The Happiest Relationship

5 Mistakes That Destroy Even The Happiest Relationship

No matter how well your partnership is going, there are certain “capital crimes” in a relationship that simply cannot be made up for and can quickly destroy your shared happiness.

Here are the five worst mistakes that can destroy your love very quickly.

1. You don’t have any friendships outside of your relationship

Is your partner your best friend at the same time? While that’s a nice thing, once he’s also your only friend, it becomes problematic. According to experts, social relationships outside of the relationship are extremely important for a functioning partnership.

2. You touch too little

A k*ss on the cheek (if at all) and occasional s*x on special occasions are not enough to keep a relationship going! That doesn’t mean you have to have k*ss every day. Just sitting snuggled up in front of the TV and feeling each other’s warmth – that kind of closeness keeps you together.

3. You are only friends with unhappy couples

Other couples can also have a bad influence: For example, if you are mainly friends with unhappy couples, their dissatisfaction can quickly spread to you. Happy couples, on the other hand, unconsciously follow an example.

4. You don’t split up the work around the house

Do you feel like you’re the only one standing in the kitchen? That’s why he’s mad because he always has to take the garbage down and clean it up after you? Many couples make the mistake of keeping this dissatisfaction silent. On the other hand, if you talk about it and divide up the work, you will also have the feeling of being treated fairly in the relationship.

5. You only criticize each other

When was the last time you praised your boyfriend? And when criticized? In a relationship, the good often comes naturally, while the bad always seems more obvious. Think about what you value your partner for – and tell him that too.

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5 Mistakes That Destroy Even The Happiest Relationship

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