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No Harmony: 5 Most Incompatible Signs Of The Zodiac

5 Most Incompatible Signs Of The Zodiac

When you meet someone new, it can be tempting to try and double-check every aspect of their life to see if it works with yours. In fact, this is not just normal, it is great.

The whole point of dating is to experiment – you see what works and what doesn’t. People often pay attention to whether or not they fit the zodiacal coincidence, and it can be disturbing to know that you and your partner are not a perfect match in terms of the stars.

Are you and your partner compatible? Find out about it now!

Cancer and Leo

Cancer is emotional where Leo is harsh. There are many incompatibilities between these two zodiac signs, but the most significant differences can be overcome simply by focusing on better communication. The most important thing that will help this couple is to focus not on what you say to each other, but on how you say it. Cancer must be careful not to spiral Leo, and Leo must be careful not to corner Cancer. If these two don’t learn to communicate well, they won’t be able to overcome other disagreements as they arise.

Libra and Gemini

Libra and Gemini can be initially attracted to each other because they are both alive, outgoing, and enjoying the wonderful things in life. But the more these two enter into a relationship, the more their inherent incompatibility is revealed. For Libra and Gemini, the biggest challenge will be making sure Libra has enough room while making sure Gemini feels connected and cared for. Despite the fact that Libra is known as the socialite of the zodiac, they are actually very self-sufficient people and can choke on the fact that Gemini considers them “close.”

Fish and Scorpio

While they can be easily attracted to each other from the start (Scorpio will be attracted by the spirituality of Pisces, Pisces will be intrigued by the intensity of Scorpio), the two will have a lot of disagreements because they have fundamentally different values in life. Ultimately, Pisces will always want to be with Scorpio, and Scorpio will need to feel like they are still in control of their lives. Too often, Scorpio will want to be free and Pisces will feel vulnerable. But if everyone is willing to try to understand the other’s need for space versus attachment, they can come to a happy environment.

Sagittarius and Taurus

Taurus and Sagittarius may initially be attracted to each other for their mutually creative and adventurous spirit, but they usually run into practical issues somewhere in the future. Sagittarius loves the unknown, while Taurus prefers an intentional, curated space and lifestyle. As usual, the solution comes from meeting each other somewhere in between: if Sagittarius allows Taurus to plan sometimes, and Taurus allows Sagittarius to be spontaneous, the relationship can become harmonious.

Aries and Virgo

Aries and Virgo are both stubborn, although the latter are more open in their desire to control things. These two zodiac signs can really get their horns hooked when it comes to talking about ideas, career plans, or really anything that leaves room for ambiguity. Where Virgo wants to be open to new ideas, Aries wants to stay true to whatever facts they believe to be true. It can often seem that Virgo is always trying to move forward, while Aries is trying to hold them back. But if Virgo can tap into the spontaneous side of Aries and Aries can let Virgo dream without trying to fix them all the time, they might actually have a good relationship.

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