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5 Signs Of A Woman Who Doesn't Love Herself

5 Signs Of A Woman Who Doesn’t Love Herself

A very interesting topic of self-love, isn’t it? And in fact, very painful, especially for modern women who play a variety of roles in their lives. It can be the role of a victim, a manipulator, a businesswoman. But rarely does a woman play the role of one who truly loves and takes care of herself. As a result, there are things on her face that give out in her that she does not love herself.

Non Discipline

If you love yourself, watch not only your spiritual fulfillment but also your appearance. Look after the health and beauty of the vessel given to you for this incarnation. Beautician, massage therapist, nutritionist, trainer – all these people are able to make your life more beautiful, however, like your vessel. In addition,  the prices for a cosmetologist in Yekaterinburg are not so high, especially if you purposefully set aside a certain amount for yourself every month.


As a consequence, the second follows from the first point. A woman who does not take care of herself feels insecure. Of course, she can dress quite flashy and wear the same makeup, but this only emphasizes the fact that she lacks love. She seems to be screaming – look at me, I’m here, pay attention to me. A woman who is self-confident will not deliberately attract the attention of the majority. She will just be herself because she loves herself.

She doesn’t know what she wants

A woman who does not love herself does not want to look inside herself, to look for answers to questions that have been troubling her for a long time. She will scour her eyes in search of an answer in the outside world, forgetting that all the answers have long been inside her. And she will find them only when she loves and accepts herself.

She spins like a squirrel in a wheel

It’s great if a woman spins like a squirrel in a wheel when she wants it. Another thing, if not. If he does something for someone because he has to because he was asked, or simply because he cannot refuse. This running in circles is depressing. And such a choice in life can only be made by a woman who does not love herself.

No limits

A woman who does not love herself is visible from afar. She has no personal boundaries, she does not know how to say no. As a result, the child manipulates her, her husband and parents ride on her kindness, like others around her. And there is only one way out – to love yourself and, as a result, begin to build personal boundaries, informing everyone who steps on them about them.

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