5 Signs Someone Is Faking Their Feelings

Who doesn’t know it: You meet a person for a while and everything indicates that you might have developed feelings for each other! You see each other regularly and keep in touch. But then, all of a sudden, the break occurs: Your counterpart withdraws completely for an inexplicable reason. This comes out of the blue for you.

These 5 signs tell you that someone is only faking feelings

It doesn’t hurt any less. But this way you can at least save yourself a night or two of headaches.

1. He/she never directly ask out

You meet up all the time, but actually, it’s never really called a date. Either these meetings happen relatively spontaneously or you organize everything yourself.

2. He/she does not integrate you into the circle of friends

If someone is not clear about their own feelings, they will not try to integrate you into their circle of friends. So it’s best to be suspicious if you’ve been dating for a while but haven’t introduced a friend yet.

3. He/she doesn’t want to tag you on social media

Tagging on social media isn’t for everyone. But if he/she vehemently refuses to link you in his/her Insta story, even though you ask for it directly, there is definitely something behind it. Maybe he/she just doesn’t see a future between you.

4. He/she never contacts you during the day

You may have noticed that he/she doesn’t get in touch during the day. Most of the time you will be contacted in the late afternoon or even in the evening. Seems like meeting you guys is an easy backup plan.

5. He/she often cancels at short notice

Time and time again, when you cancel a date, you are fobbed off with excuses about being too busy at the office or that something came up. Of course, that doesn’t have to mean anything, but if he/she is still hesitant about scheduling a new meeting, your alarm bells should be ringing.

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5 Signs Someone Is Faking Their Feelings