5 Things Women Really Want From Men

When it comes to love and romance, what do women really crave, seek, and want from their men? “A lot,” the stronger s*x would like to intervene. However, in fact, five fundamental things in a relationship are enough for a woman to feel loved and happy.

By the way, girls love and want a guy to communicate beautifully with them. And now we are not talking about “noodles on the ears”, but some tricks of flirting, gallantry, courage, and so on.

However, where to start a correspondence with a girl and how to continue, you can find out from the article at the link.


Every woman wants to hear compliments from her man. She wants to be seen and appreciated. In addition, it is very important for a woman to hear appreciation from a man.

It is to hear. Appreciation that she looks so beautiful to you, that she always spoils you with delicious dishes, that she supports you in difficult times, or simply fulfills some of your small requests.

Be gentle

It is not regrettable, but many men are afraid to show tenderness towards a woman. Most often, the reason for this attitude is some kind of block or an example from parents.

However, it is never too late to learn to re-express and show your feelings with the help of tenderness. Believe me, your woman will blossom from her and give you many times more positive sensations and feelings.

You don’t have to decide everything

Sometimes your woman may have a difficult period in her life. During this period of time, her emotions can be heated, she will begin to complain to you about the situation or life.

Your task is not to start offering her ways to solve the problem, but simply to be silent and listen. Act as an active listener who expresses understanding of how your woman feels and sits next to her just for support.

Treat like a woman

The equality of men and women in the modern world has blunted the true masculinity of the stronger s*x to the weak. However, believe me, women are very fond of being desired, respected, admired, and appreciated.

Don’t be afraid to open your woman’s car door, buy her a special perfume she likes, tell her how amazing she looks today, take her out on romantic dates, or just give her flowers for no reason.


Some men do not tell their women much. I met with a friend to drink beer – I’d rather say that they were detained at work, I went to my mother, I’ll say that the boss called to urgently help. A little lie for the good of the relationship, you say? Just so that your loved one does not worry? However, this little lie encourages your woman to trust you less and less.

A woman wants honesty from you. So give it to her. Honesty in everything is the key to a healthy relationship.

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