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50 Quotes About Lost Friendship: Release Your Negative Emotions

50 Quotes About Lost Friendship: Release Your Negative Emotions

My favorite quote about lost friendship:

Some people come into our lives and leave footprints in our hearts and we are never, ever the same.

Losing a love is hard, but losing a friend is even more painful. That’s why I offer you a list of quotes on lost friendship.

Unlike romantic relationships, friendships usually last forever!

Indeed, our friends are there to support us when we go through a bad patch. They are there to celebrate our victories.

Our friends give us a shoulder to cry on, an outstretched hand to lift us up, and a smile to comfort us.

Unfortunately, even friendships can come to a tragic end. Indeed, jealousy can set in. Your friend may envy what you have or your accomplishments. Distance can also set in.

Whether physical or emotional. Indeed, your friend may move or make a new group of friends and gradually disappear from your life.

Finally, you may discover that this person you thought was your friend was, in fact, just a toxic person who you want more harm than good.

Unfortunately, there is also the possibility that your friend has passed away. In this case, you miss his presence and you are sad because you know that you have no chance to mend the broken link.

A broken friendship is not necessarily a bad thing. Indeed, it can be a way to start your life over and find people who bring you something positive.

Lost Friendship Quotes: “You’re toxic to me”


At some point, you may realize that the person you thought was your best friend is not someone you can grow up with. Indeed, little by little, you may notice jealousy, derogatory comments or even toxic behavior.

For example, as soon as you’re not there, this person makes fun of you or goesssips. Or, when you succeed or get the results you want, she doesn’t seem happy for you.

“Surely there was no one better”.

In short, this person is not a good friend, so your friendship has failed. And that’s good. So, writing a quote about friendship lost due to someone’s toxicity can be cathartic.

Choose your lost friendship quote from the following:

1. In you, I thought I had found my best friend. But over time, I discovered your true face. I refuse to be associated with someone as vile as you.


2. Ultimately, what people say is true. Friendships come and go. But I didn’t think that would happen to us. Indeed, I was convinced that our bond was stronger than anything. Finally, you proved me wrong. 

3. In fact, fake friends are like swallows. They arrive when the weather is nice, then disappear as soon as the weather turns bad. Fortunately, I understood in time who you were and I assure you that I will never again let you control me and put me down like you did.

4. People change over time. Some friends strengthen their bond, others destroy it. Some friends grow, others rot. Clearly, we have come to the end of our journey. It’s time for me to distance myself from your harmful influence.

5. It takes a long time to earn a friend’s trust. But all it takes is a single word, a single gesture to lose her. For a long time, you were my pillar, but your wickedness destroyed everything. Now I look to the future with serenity, because I know that I have not lowered myself to your level.


6. I’m not sad because you abandoned me. But I pity you. Indeed, I have always been a faithful friend. I would have done anything for you. But now all that is over.

7. I have to make up my mind. Some people come into my life just to teach me a lesson or to give me temporary happiness. You are one of those people. Good luck !

8. In our friendship, what I regret the most is having met you. You don’t know what the words “respect” and “trust” mean. Thank you for showing me your true face.

9. When you started to neglect the tokens of friendship that I offered you, you started to lose me. Indeed, if you do not understand what feelings animate friendship, how can you hope to have a faithful friend?

10. “Friendship wounds are inconsolable. – Tahar Ben Jelloun

Lost Friendship Quotes: “We have to go our separate ways”


As in the previous example, you may find that the people you have become over time are no longer compatible. For example, one of you remained immature, while the other grew up.

Your lifestyles may also differ to the point where you no longer recognize the person you considered until recently to be your best friend. So writing a broken friendship quote is the best way to say goodbye to that person and move on.

Choose your lost friendship quote from the following:

11. You are someone I thought I knew. But I realize that you are a stranger to me. I don’t think our bond is healthy. So I prefer to say “goodbye” to you.


12. This morning I cried. I thought I had lost my best friend. But in fact, I realized that you were never sincere with me. So I decided not to let your negativity affect me anymore!

13. When you left, I felt like you were abandoning me. I sincerely missed you, but I realize that your departure was a good thing. I opened up to new opportunities and made new friends. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me, but now I’m going to stand on my own two feet.

14. Far too often I’ve tried to make you understand that you should grow up and behave like an adult. But it was a waste of time. So I give up. I’m sad that our friendship ended like this, but I can’t stay with someone who pulls me down.

15. A friend is supposed to provide support and comfort. But all you care about is partying and chasing after conquests. For my part, I grew up. That’s why I think our paths should go our separate ways. It will be healthier for both of us.


16. We had a great time together, but there came a time when everything changed. Yes, the moment you decided you weren’t interested in growing and evolving. Unfortunately, sooner or later, you have to stop being a child and take responsibility. My first decision as a mature person is to end our friendship. Indeed, we cannot go in two different directions.

17. The friendship between two people can only continue if both individuals are moving towards the same point. So it’s clear that nothing I do speaks to you. At the same time, nothing you do interests me either. So our paths must separate to finally be able to be happy each on our side.

18. You refused to support me in my dreams and I realize it’s just because you don’t understand them. Clearly, you don’t understand me. How then can we remain friends?

19. Do we still have something in common? I have the impression that our lives have followed completely different paths and that we no longer understand each other. Sorry, but it’s time to rediscover who we are each on our side.

20. “Friendship that ends did not begin.” – Publius Syrius

Quotes About Friendship Broken By Distance


Choosing a quote on lost friendship can be a drastic choice because it all depends on your situation.

Whether it’s emotional or physical distance, it can have a detrimental impact on your friendship. Indeed, if your friend goes to live on the other side of the country or on another continent, it can be difficult to maintain the strong feelings that unite you.

Of course, if you are good at communication, you can succeed. Unfortunately, most people fail to keep the friendship intact when one leaves.

Emotional distance is also an issue. This especially happens when new friends come into your life or the life of your best friend. It can also happen when one of you is in a relationship.

Or when he/she has family problems. It is very difficult to recover from this kind of problem. Moreover, often these friendships die of themselves, without too much noise.

But writing a quote about lost friendship can help you get rid of your negative emotions. Besides, keep hope! When the distance sets in and your friendship becomes fragile, there is still hope for you if you make the necessary efforts.

Choose your lost friendship quote from the following:

21. There’s something magical about two strangers becoming friends. But there is something very sad when two friends become strangers.


22. Someday, even the best friends can just become friends. Then, little by little, they become acquaintances. Finally, these acquaintances turn into strangers. And nothing is like before!

23. It is said that distance strengthens love. Apparently, that’s not true with friendship. Since you left, I have the impression that we no longer understand each other. Finding times to talk to each other has become mission impossible.

24. Distance destroyed our friendship. But I sincerely hope that when you get back, we can pick up where we left off. It is unthinkable for me to live my life without your friendship.

25. I know we promised we wouldn’t let physical distance separate us. But it is clear that we have not kept our promise. Now we are like two strangers. I’m sad, but I hope it’s only temporary.


26. I remember the day you left. I cried like a child. Now I got used to your absence. So I wonder if our friendship isn’t just a facade. What do you think ?

27. I remember all the good times we shared. I regret nothing. But the distance made me realize one thing, I don’t need you in my life. I am quite capable of living happily ever after.

28. Our friendship ended the day you moved out, yet I really thought she would survive anything. I’m sorry to see that you didn’t care enough about me to make an effort.

29. Distance finally got the better of us. Our friendship story was intense, but fleeting. She was productive, but superficial. I regret wasting my time with someone who has no intention of giving me respect in return.

30. “Time confirms friendship. – Henri Lacordaire

Lost Friendship Quotes: “I miss you”


When a friendship ends, it’s not necessarily the other person’s fault. Yes, we have to face the facts. You may have done or said something that deeply hurt your friend.

You may have been a really bad friend. And if you want a chance to fix things, you have to apologize. Yes, forgiveness is the only thing you need right now.

It is proof that you take responsibility and that you are aware of what you have done. So, writing a sad quote about friendship can be your lifeline to bring your friend back.

Choose your lost friendship quote from the following:

31. My parents always told me, “don’t let a fight ruin a good friendship.” Unfortunately, I let my arrogance get the better of you and disappointed you. I sincerely apologize for that. Can you forgive me?


32. I know that it is much harder to repair a friendship than to create one. But please understand how sorry I am. I had no intention of hurting you at all.

33. When I lost a faithful friend like you, I lost everything. I was unaware that my behavior was so toxic. Please forgive me !

34. I’m a bitch, I know. I messed up! But please believe me when I tell you that I understand my mistakes and I have no intention of repeating them. Your friendship is very important to me. And I hope mine is for you too.

35. I hurt you! And I really blame myself… I’m really not proud of what I’ve done. I wasted all those years of friendship with my selfishness. I promise to do better and prove to you that I’m worth your second chance.


36. For the first time in my life, I have to apologize. That doesn’t mean I never made mistakes. It’s just that I never felt the need to apologize. But your forgiveness is very important to me and I hope you will have the strength in your heart to give it to me.

37. I promise to never betray your trust again. My intention was never to hurt you, but sometimes I act before I think. Now I deeply regret it. Can you forgive me?

38. I reacted badly to your behavior. I should never have been so aggressive/aggressive. Losing your friendship was a big blow for me, because I realize that you are a very important person for me. I love you with all my heart and I hope to have the opportunity to prove it to you.

39. I will do anything just so I can rebuild our friendship. I’m sad because I hurt you. I know you need time to heal your wounds, but know that as soon as you find the strength to open your heart again, I will be there.

40. I will never leave you again. I am not proud of what I have done. Indeed, I realize that I am a selfish and insensitive person, but I treat myself. Our broken friendship is an unbearable pain for me.

sad quotes about friendship


There is no more painful quote about lost friendship.

It’s hard to get over the death of someone you still love. A friendship that ends so suddenly always feels like the job is half done or there are things you haven’t had time to tell each other.

The shock of this loss can leave serious emotional and psychological wounds. It is therefore important to mourn and leave the past where it belongs, in the past. You must have no regrets for what you failed to do together.

On the contrary, you must celebrate all that you have managed to accomplish and the love that binds you. So, by writing a quote about lost friendship, you need to flatten your emotions so that you don’t carry a burden for the rest of your life.

Choose your lost friendship quote from the following:

41. The most hurtful goodbyes are those that have never been said. They remain in suspense and feed the pain. My friend, I will miss you, but I am grateful for all you have done for me.


42. Your sudden departure was like a dagger in the back. You left me and I don’t know how I’m going to live without you. May God protect you !

43. The angels don’t know how lucky they are to have you by their side. You have been an amazing friend and I know you will continue to protect me from above. Thanks for everything you’ve done for me.

44. Thank you very much! Thanks to you, I learned the true meaning of the words “trust” and “love”. With you by my side, I was invincible. Now I have to continue the journey alone, but I know you taught me everything I need to survive and be happy.

45. Who has not known you does not know what generosity is. Indeed, you were the most selfless and beautiful person in this world. May the hereafter be peaceful and sweet to you. I already miss you…


46. ​​Death will not separate us. After all, we’re not a pair of lovers who stop loving each other when life throws an obstacle at them. Our friendship goes beyond earthly life. I know you’re waiting for me up there.

47. I’m not going to tell you that I can’t wait to join you up there, because it’s a bit depressing. But I miss you already and I’m going to make sure I live a life full of adventures so I can tell you everything when we meet again.

48. Surely you are unaware of the impact you have had on my life. But thanks to you, I became the person I am today. I am strong and confident because you had those same qualities. Thank you for everything !

49. I never thought I would feel such pain one day. Now I realize how much I love you. My life will never be the same again, but I promise to enjoy each day as if it were the last.

50. The tears I shed writing to you are tears of joy. Indeed, I remember all the funny and ridiculous moments that we shared. And I toast to your eternal life. I think you’ll laugh a lot seeing all the mistakes I make without you!

I hope you found your lost friendship quote among our selection.

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