6 Signs Of The Zodiac That Get Sick More Often Than Others

Few people know, but the state of human health directly depends on the sign of which constellation he was born under.

Astrologers believe that the sign of the zodiac affects how often its owner is sick with various diseases, and how resistant he is to infections.

In the course of observations and research, it turned out that the most “sick” are as many as six representatives of the celestial sphere.

1st place – Pisces

The leaders of the list of the illest inhabitants of the planet were representatives of the sign of Pisces. Oddly enough, but they always have a “sore spot”. And even when, it would seem, everything is fine, such people are bound to have a headache, leg, or any other part of the body.

It is believed that Pisces most often suffer from diseases of the urinary and lymphatic systems.

In addition, the stars disposed of the owners of this sign to the wrong way of life. Due to the instability of character and the lack of a tough position in life, Pisces is prone to recklessness, alcohol consumption, smoking, and an unhealthy diet.

To improve their health, astrologers recommend that such people in all ways introduce themselves to the daily routine and the culture of rest.

2nd place – Cancer

Cancers are by nature very painful and not resistant to infection. When they are born, they are guaranteed to receive one or two hereditary diseases, to which new ones are rapidly added.

Most often, representatives of this sign suffer from pathologies of vision and the cardiovascular system. The reason for this is impressionability, and the Cancer’s habit of letting through all the troubles “through themselves.”

In order to maintain their health, they need to save their nerves and learn not to take everything to heart.

3rd place – Scorpio

The third line in the ranking of the most ailing signs of the zodiac was taken by Scorpios. Moreover, the disease affects them infrequently, but very seriously. If an ailment has appeared, then getting rid of it will be very difficult, or even impossible.

It is believed that the most vulnerable in the body of Scorpions are the digestive and genitourinary systems. That is why they should carefully monitor their diet and beware of hypothermia.

4th place – Leo

Leos are the very people who are ready not to leave work for days, especially if they have one they love. That is why they, like no one else, are susceptible to occupational diseases, the first place among which is the pathology of the heart and spine.

5th place – Gemini

Gemini is considered one of the most active signs of the zodiac. They are always full of energy and vitality. However, despite this, they often get sick. Moreover, their diseases are both acute and chronic.

Astrologers recommend that Gemini be especially careful to monitor their throat and be less nervous, as because of this, they may develop abnormalities in the work of the nervous system.

6th place – Aries

Aries is on the last line of this rating. By itself, the representative of this sign has good health, but his activity and sometimes inattention lead to a great risk of injury.

To avoid this, Aries should be more circumspect.

After reading this list, each owner of the presented signs of the zodiac can draw appropriate conclusions for themselves and protect their health from emerging dangers.