7 goodnight text messages to make him dream sweet dreams of you

7 goodnight text messages to make him dream sweet dreams of you

You just started texting with someone new and it’s going really well. Now you’re in bed and it’s almost midnight. You don’t want the conversation to end, but your eyes are tired and you have to get up early for work in the morning. So what’s the best way to end the conversation and leave him wanting more the next day? 

Texting your partner at night is a super effective strategy because when we go to sleep we consolidate all of our memories and experiences of the day. “So if you were the last person your partner interacted with before they fell asleep, you’re more likely to stay on their mind.

If you haven’t reached the level where you and your crush are texting 24/7, a goodnight text can be a great way to let him know he’s the one on your mind . If you’re trying to develop a romantic relationship, it can be good to keep showing interest and keeping the excitement going. And the funnier and flirtier the messages, the better.

Having fun is a building block in a relationship. What’s better than flirting or having fun with a romantic partner? It’s one of the perfect tools you can use in this digital world to create and maintain a connection and just feel someone’s positive vibes.

If you’re looking for some inspiration on what to send, here are some goodnight texting suggestions to try before you drift off to dreamland tonight.

Here are 7 goodnight texts to give him sweet dreams:

1. “I can’t wait to see you tomorrow!”

Texts showing your excitement for the reunion always work because it creates a future between the two of you in his mind and of course it’s something you both can look forward to as well.

There’s no harm in adding an emoji or two to your goodnight text. Anything positive counts as flirting, so you don’t have to be an expert. In other words, don’t think about it too much, just tell him what’s on your mind.

2. “Thank you for making me smile at my phone all evening. Sweet Dreams.”

If you want to send a goodnight text message, think about something that’s sweet rather than sensual. If you have to get up early in the morning and actually want to sleep early, a message that is too sensual can keep you awake longer.

She might reinvigorate the back and forth and you’ll never fall asleep. It’s more the type of texts that show that you’re genuinely happy to talk and be in touch, that calm the conversation but keep it interesting at the same time. Because it’s a really cute and innocent way to flirt.

3. “I will dream of you tonight”

Texting someone that you will dream of them is similar to saying that you are always thinking of them. It’s always a great way to show him that he’s special and that you like him.

It’s even better if you text him good morning the next day. This shows that he is the first thing on your mind in the morning.

4. “I can’t wait to wake up next to your gorgeous face.”

Everyone loves to be complimented, including men. This type of goodnight text also implies future thoughts and actions between you.

It keeps the person on the other side hopeful and shows that you want to go one step further. You want to be with him and you want to wake up next to him. Is there a nicer compliment that a man can get from a woman?

5. “I wish I could stay up all night talking to you, but I really need to go to bed.”

This type of bedtime text is effective because it is simple and, most importantly, truthful. She shows him that you are confident and honest and don’t play games like many women do.

If you’re looking to cement trust in your relationship, using this message will show you have a secure attachment style and are able to be consistent and clear. Some men place great importance on this, especially because they have seen women in the past playing games.

6. “Hey, call me. I want to hear your voice.”

Sometimes reading a bedtime text isn’t enough, you want to hear it again before you fall asleep. If you want to hear your crush’s voice before you go to bed, be bold and let them know.

In today’s time and in the current dating world, it is hip that you express your wishes. He will appreciate that you take the initiative and get things rolling. Also, he will hear your voice before he falls asleep and it will surely stay in his head all night.

7. “Good night, (insert name here) <3”

People love it when their name is used. They like to hear it because they have heard it all their lives. While it doesn’t seem like such a big deal, it’s a very easy way to create a stronger connection with someone. So make sure to use your first name in your goodnight text. Make it extra flirty with a heart or love.

7 goodnight text messages to make him dream sweet dreams of you