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7 Reasons Why Your Childhood Friend Is So Important

7 Reasons Why Your Childhood Friend Is So Important

7 Reasons Why Your Childhood Friend Is So Important

The relationships we form from an early age leave a lasting mark on our lives and enrich them, even if we sometimes drift away from these people over the years.

We spent the first days of our lives with our childhood friends and they are the only ones who can understand certain things and laugh with us at certain shared memories.

Although life for various reasons can separate us from our childhood best friends, these friendships can often last a lifetime, as they are people with whom we have a past unlike any other.

No matter how life goes, childhood friends will always hold a special place in our hearts and here are some of the reasons why.

1. Your childhood friend was there when you started

Childhood friends have accompanied us since our first steps.

With them, we learned to write, add, subtract, play sports…

On top of everything, we had fun together and shared carefree moments of life where the most important thing was a good game.

Together we grew up and did stupid things.

There was no toxicity, no nastiness. Everything was pure and simple.

2. Your childhood friend knows things about you that everyone else doesn’t.

It doesn’t have to be big secrets, but childhood friends share anecdotes from the early days with us.

Childhood memories are something that is forever etched in our memory and childhood friends were with us when we created these memories.

For example, your childhood friend knows who your first kiss is. She knows you wet the bed when you went camping with your classmates.

She also knows that you were afraid of the dark.

Anyway, she knows a few anecdotes that might be awkward now that you’re both adults.

Which is perfect for a bachelorette party or a speech during the wedding.

3. With your childhood friend, you can be true to yourself

A childhood friend who has been with us from the very beginning knows all our faults and qualities.

With it we can be who we are because maybe over the years some of our attitudes and opinions have changed, but fundamentally we all remain the same person.

The one you’ve always been. And a childhood friend is aware of that.

Sometimes when you’re lost in life, you can relate to that person. She can guide you in the steps of your true self.

So it is important to cherish this kind of relationship.

4. With your childhood friend, you learned valuable life lessons 

Research has shown that with early friends we learn what trust is and how to trust someone.

From this trust come relationships that are worth cherishing for a lifetime.

If today you have healthy relationships, it is thanks to your childhood friend. She has never betrayed you and, thanks to her, you know how to appreciate your personal values.

You are able to confide in yourself and be who you really are.

5. With your childhood friend, you always have someone to turn to.

Maybe you have moved, found new friends, lived in another country…

Anyway, a childhood friend will always be happy for you, your invitation, your message or your arrival.

Any inconvenience will pass quickly and will be followed by several hours of searching for the most beautiful memories.

If you are going through a difficult breakup, she is there to comfort you and help you get back on your feet.

If you have strained family relationships, she can advise you on the right decisions to make, because she knows your family.

6. Your childhood friend knows your weaknesses and strengths

The friends who have been with us since day one have seen us grow, in every sense of the word.

They know what we can’t and what we can do, what we’re afraid of, when we need a hand…

They revealed our fears and all that we are strong in.

What does it mean ?

A childhood friend is someone who is going to be there when you forget who you really are.

She’s there to encourage you to pursue a path when she knows you can achieve that goal.

But it is also there to warn you when you are embarking on a path that you do not master.

She will set the record straight for you, but she will still support you if you choose to pursue this goal despite everything.

7. Your childhood friend helped you get out of your comfort zone first.

Our childhood best friends were the first to persuade us to take bold steps and encourage us to try things we wouldn’t otherwise and, of course, vice versa.

Usually, it’s when your mom says that this friend is a bad influence on you that you know you’ve found your person.

A childhood friend is someone with whom you have exceeded the limits of your courage.

Someone with whom you have discovered all your possibilities.

And that feeling is irreplaceable.

7 Reasons Why Your Childhood Friend Is So Important

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