7 Zodiac Signs That Will Be The Most Affectionate Partners

Here are 7 zodiac signs that will give you a real thrill in your relationship. They are incredibly affectionate, romantic, and gentle partners.


Taurus is all about touch. Physical contact is very important to him in a relationship; however, he is not a very gentle person and is likely to be serious and down-to-earth most of the time. Don’t expect seduction through words. Taurus does not convey emotions very well and does not like to chat, especially about things related to his feelings. He will express his feelings physically and evaluate yours the same way.


This sign is attentive to what the other person wants, but mostly only in the bedroom. Capricorn does not particularly appreciate affection and tenderness, but if this makes his partner happy, he will try to be as gentle as possible. Just know that if Capricorn is doing it for you, this is not a natural trait of his character and is a testament to his genuine interest in you. He is more inclined to show affection through acts of service. The biggest way to show your feelings to Capricorn is to accept the yoke as it is. After all, Capricorn is extremely sensitive under its ambitious and hardworking appearance.


This sign is very romantic, and in love with the idea of love. His vision of connection is full of fantasy. Pisces will not mind choking their partner with endless love.


Cancer is emotion. This sign is also very romantic and gives him completely to his partner. He will not hesitate to indulge in candlelit dinners, buy gifts and taste the Kama Sutra in the bedroom. Cancers are very affectionate.


This sign is very serious. On the other hand, physical contact is a high priority for them, and you should expect them to fulfill their desires in the bedroom as much as possible, being extremely gentle at times. However, more often they are still more passionate than gentle, but, nevertheless, this energy exceeds expectations in the bedroom.


Virgos are really methodical. They are very good lovers in the sense that they know what to do and put pressure on themselves to achieve perfectionism in all areas of their lives. What is missing is mindfulness. You can only be good in bed if it is a universal approach. While your physical experience with them won’t be bad, it can feel impersonal. They are highly self-critical about their performance, and a certain level of vulnerability and relaxation is required to fully connect. …


Gemini is fickle and inconsistent. They are super flirtatious and are all about fun and games, so when you are at the beginning of a relationship with them, they are likely to be very affectionate. This does not mean that you are the only person who gets that much attention. Gemini is also capable of being a completely different person from time to time, and they show a colder, more combative side at the same time