8 phrases that mean more than “I love you”

“I love you” is beautiful and direct. But there are sentences that sometimes somehow just mean a lot more and provide really nice goosebump moments.

With these statements, he confesses his true feelings to you.

1. You are so damn h*t!

He/She is absolutely overwhelmed not only by your inner but also by your outer values.

2. I miss you

He/She would like to spend the whole day thinking about you.

3. You make me laugh!

Humor connects because only those who can laugh together will be able to stand by each other in sad moments. Plus: A true sense of humor, unlike our outer shell, never gets old. That’s exactly why it’s the funny moments with your partner that are so appreciated.

4. I love your body

Perfect love always needs a pleasurable component. You should therefore never dismiss words of appreciation about your body as superficial phrases.

5. Today I hate everything and everyone – except you, you’re okay

Sometimes a compliment comes in a roundabout way.

6. I love that we can be silent together

Keeping silent next to each other is the highest art of communication.

7. I love having animal-good s*x with you

It doesn’t always have to be flowery s*x in the missionary position. There are no limits to the imagination when it comes to “making love”.

8. I can’t sleep so well when you’re not around

If that isn’t the sweetest love message on earth – and there’s guaranteed to be a lot of “I love you!” in it!

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8 phrases that mean more than "I love you"