Valentine’s Day is full of cheesy romance , roses and way too much chocolate. But for some zodiac signs today there is not only the chance for a lot of kitsch, but also for life-changing surprises.

These zodiac signs are celebrating a very special Valentine’s Day this year.


Pisces beware, because this year’s Valentine’s Day has the potential to be very special. Because especially for those Pisces who are in long-term relationships , the next decisive step could follow today. Be it a clarifying conversation about a shared apartment or maybe even a marriage proposal : Today is your day of romance!

But the day also has a few surprises in store for the single Pisces. Because those who come out of themselves today may even manage to convince one or the other dream type of themselves.


The sentimental Cancers are absolute Valentine’s Day fans. Because there is nothing better for them than showing their loved ones how much they really love them without having to open themselves up too much. Flowers on Valentine’s Day are the perfect occasion for this.

But this year the tables can turn for the crabs and they are the focus of the confessions of love. Because especially with Cancers, who have been in the dating phase for a long time, today could be the decisive moment when the partner finally opens up.


For Virgo, this Valentine’s Day is all about one form of love: self- love . Because the Virgos have been working a lot on their insides in the past few weeks and reflecting a lot. It’s all the better if they can celebrate themselves and their progress today.

For the sign of the zodiac , this active celebration also means a new beginning, the start to come out of yourself again and possibly even throw yourself back into dating life.