According To The Study: These 5 Dating Trends Await After The Lockdown!

You can finally flirt again for as long as you can! The singles among us can look forward to a hot summer full of love adventures. Lately, it has not been that easy to get to know a potential partner, let alone meet in person. Therefore, new ways had to be found and tried out. And some of them will stay after Corona, as the results of a study now show.

Many singles have become so used to the “new way of flirting” that some dating trends have become indispensable. If you want to know what to expect in terms of dating in the future, you should definitely read on now!

These Are The 5 Dating Trends After Corona!

The dating app “Bumble” found out with the help of a study what the singles can expect even after the lockdown. Around 1,011 users were surveyed and the results look like this:

Virtual Dating

During the pandemic, many had to make friends with video chats. This trend now seems to have become so prevalent that it will continue into the future. During the first lockdown, the video function on “Bumble” was used by 38 percent more. For 32 percent of the survey participants, video dates have already become normal and around 28 percent want to maintain this behavior even after the pandemic in order to get to know each other better.

Sober Dating

So far, most of the dates have probably taken place in the evening. They met in a bar for a drink and spent the evening together. That has now changed a bit. During the pandemic, most of the meetings took place during the day and in the fresh air, and that is exactly what could stay that way. Because 20 percent want to go for meetings in the light and, above all, without alcoholic beverages in the future.

If you want to venture into the dating jungle again soon, you should definitely beware of the dating trends that we show you in the video!

Deep Divers

To meet someone you don’t really know yet? This is likely to happen less often in the future. Because the survey showed that many first want to deal extensively with their potential dating partner before they meet. For 36 percent, in-depth conversations are in the foreground, small talk is no longer really popular. In addition, the appearance moves more and more into the background.


During the past few months, you have had to get creative. After all, a visit to a bar or restaurant for the first date was not an option. That is why many rely on outdoor dates and 46 percent of those surveyed would like to keep it after the pandemic. 29 percent even have specific plans for a picnic together in the park on their first date.

Online Dating

The pandemic has changed many people’s minds about online dating. Inevitably, you had to rely on a dating app if you wanted to get to know someone. The study found that among those who were against getting to know each other via dating apps before the corona pandemic, 57 percent have now changed their minds. 82 percent of those surveyed are now even convinced that it is possible to get to know a partner via a dating app.