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Advice from TAROT cards for every sign of the zodiac

Advice from TAROT cards for every sign of the zodiac

Every person would like to have someone who would be a good advisor for him, a teacher who would lead him on the right route through life. For someone, this teacher appears in the person of a coach, someone chooses religion as a guide, and other magic or cards. We are sure that sometimes you really need advice that will tell you how you should follow the course. And such advice is ready to provide tarot cards for each sign of the zodiac.

Aries – Card Two of Swords

The Deuce of Swords card advises you to lay down your weapons, no matter what it concerns. Try to solve all the problems that have arisen only inhumane ways. Do your best to demonstrate and take the first steps towards a peaceful solution to these problems.

Taurus – Moon Card

Learn to overcome fears within yourself. Because only by improving yourself can you move forward. Stop letting shadows and ghostly problems block your path, only fight real problems, not those that exist only in your imagination.

Gemini – Ten Coins

You can achieve anything that you just do not want. However, often you don’t even realize your potential. Start thinking and acting more boldly and freer. Only in this case, you will find the tremendous success that you are waiting for.

Cancer – Ten of Swords

It’s time to learn to distinguish between real and imaginary values. After all, you very often hold your hands and feet for things that mean little to you. You should finally give up sentimentality and the habit of looking back. Believe me, it is sometimes very useful to burn bridges behind you.

Leo – Three of Cups

You are prone to excesses and try to make a solid holiday out of life. Do not go to extremes and do not live too frivolously, completely not caring about the future and being convinced that everything that is not done is all for the best.

Virgo – Page of Cups

Too often you act only under the guidance of common sense, analyzing every detail. You should often listen to your intuition because your subconscious mind knows much better what you need. Only with the help of your intuition can you realize yourself to the maximum.

Libra – Moderation

You should strive for the peace of mind and relaxation that are inherent in us when we love ourselves and are in balance with the world around us. Feel free to tackle any business, because you have a wonderful property – to find original solutions. At the same time, try not to worry about the results in advance.

Scorpio – Tower

Your life is destructive. It is painful and associated with crises, conflicts, destructive emotions. Try to finally start to improve your inner world. Don’t be limited to small things.. After all, you are able to overcome all difficulties.

Sagittarius – World

You are inert and often tend to go with the flow and passively wait for positive results. But for success, sometimes you need to sacrifice something, give in something, give up. Look for yourself, do not be content with “a tit in your hands.” Activity and initiative are excellent qualities, especially since no one has yet achieved great results without them.

Capricorn – Knight of Cups

You are a faithful, chivalrous nature who believes in high ideals. You are a diplomat, a tactful and pleasant person. However, try not to burden your mind and heart with unnecessary problems.

Aquarius – Six of Coins

Don’t be afraid to take on what you have in mind. Or for an offer that has been made to you. You will succeed, the universe is with you. If you have unfinished business behind your shoulders, now is a very good time to finally end it.

Pisces – Hierophant

Look for meaning in everything. Strive to grasp the essence. Try to do only worthy deeds, do not betray your moral principles. But have free-thinking an

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