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Before meeting your soul mate, the Universe sends you a sign

Before meeting your soul mate, the Universe sends you a sign

Before meeting your soul mate, the Universe sends you a sign

Love life is, in most cases, steeped in many problems.

They most often arise due to disagreements. However, it often happens that it is not the problem between the partners, but the circumstances in which they meet that does not allow their relationship to continue to develop.

Such situations often lead to despair and bring a lot of worry, suffering and pain.

Why does this happen? As if there was an invisible force that creates obstacles…

Maybe the Universe is sending a sign that this love doesn’t have the future we hoped for?

Why then did the two souls merge?

The answer lies primarily in past lives and the relationships that often cross those lives.

In addition to the karmic bonds that we enter into, there is a relationship between the souls of couples as well as soul mates. All of these connections have different functions and roles.

When we understand what type of relationship ours belongs to, we understand why we entered into a romantic relationship and what we can expect from it.

1. Constant instability

The most common relationships we enter into are love-karmic relationships. When two people entering a karmic relationship see each other for the first time, they immediately feel like they have met before.

They feel close, they have a strong attraction and usually passion.

Karmic relationships are difficult and always involve problems. Although the partners are very close, the conflicts and arguments between them become more and more difficult.

The circumstances are not in their favor either. Passions and desires are strong, but it is as if the Universe does not allow these souls to be together in peace.

They are attached to each other and passion and emotions are just a lure that lovers need to “catch”.

And then the drama begins, as the karmic story begins to unfold, i.e. the debts that these two souls owe each other.

That is why such connections are fraught with problems. Nothing happens easily and there are constant obstacles to the normal functioning of the connection.

As time passes and passions subside, karma slowly begins to unravel. If the emotions are too strong, the passion can keep the strength, or even increase it, but conflicts and arguments are inevitable.

In some relationships, there is a physical confrontation. War and passion are the work of the planet Mars, so such lovers in the comparative horoscope certainly have strong aspects with this planet.

Everything is overrated, from love to sex to suffering and pain.

The intensity of these opposites is the strongest characteristic of karmic love.

It makes us look deep within ourselves. The greater the pain, the stronger the lesson souls must learn.

Some of the symptoms of a karmic relationship are when someone wears us down and hurts us emotionally, energetically, mentally, and physically.

The need to help someone can also be a sign of a karmic connection.

2. The loss of a partner

The first meeting during which a strong attraction is felt, slowly turns into a bittersweet drama.

Another indicator of karmic ties is that souls met, perhaps even died, and did not form a relationship at some point, but only much later.

It’s about their unknowing escape, because at the level of deception, the soul knew the bittersweet drama would wreak havoc.

The partners were often in the same places, but they crossed paths.

However, the omens were always present, only if they could somehow interpret them. Since this is a karmic connection, when the circumstances necessary for souls to go through a certain experience ripen, they will unite with a strange force.

Everything will happen almost overnight.

Thus, they bind and fall into a karmic vortex which sometimes pulls them down and sometimes projects them to the surface. Sometimes they are at the bottom of the abyss and sometimes, in seventh heaven.

We often fear that our loved one will abandon us, betray us or deceive us. That is why we constantly ask, check, demand a promise that our partner will stay with us forever, that he/she will not leave us under any circumstances.

There is an unhealthy but sweet obsession with his/her partner.

It usually happens that this person has lost his/her current partner in a past life.

It’s written somewhere in his subconscious.

This is why she is afraid of losing her/his partner again, so it may happen that she leaves him/her for this very reason, unable to bear the pressure of fear and uncertainty.

In a past life, this person may have lived less. Maybe the whirlwind of war cost her her life or she disappeared in some other way.

As the latter had been left alone in great pain and suffering, the fear of losing him/her again remained in his subconscious as a trauma.

Such people can suffocate with their love, possessiveness and obsession, not giving the partner the opportunity to function normally.

Then he/she becomes overwhelmed and the problems start.

Thus, the pattern of karmic relationships is such that in addition to obsession, passion, strong emotions, they always lead to problems, injuries and misunderstandings.

Then both partners suffer and lose each other. They cannot part because it causes them great pain. But staying in such a relationship, in addition to a lot of fun, is fraught with great difficulties.

3. Farewells without regrets

A strong and stable relationship cannot be established in such a relationship. No matter how hard they both try to invest in this relationship, such loves are always associated with pain.

They never manage to get along and it’s even worse when they break up. This is why there are frequent interruptions, then returns, etc.

Even when they decide to give it all up, fate somehow unites them again. All this can take several years. Some say avoid such connections and others say go through it all.

However, there are those who believe that it is fate and should not be resisted.

Astrologically speaking, by not giving up and by giving selflessly, even when they are aware that their common future is almost impossible, the partners must know that in this way their karma is cleared.

Thus the souls are released from the debts transferred from the previous life.

How long does the karma last between them?

Generally, until they repay each other’s debts. If the separation happens in the right way, without resentment, pain and change, then the karmic debt between two people is over.

If they wish each other happiness and can grow in peace, the karma is done. Based on the horoscope, one can estimate how much suffering and pain was inflicted in the previous life.

Some karmic relationships cannot be “established” in one lifetime, but continue through a series of lifetimes and experiences.

The debt is repaid when there are no more bad emotions, hatred and suffering.

When partners can look into each other’s eyes without bad thoughts, that is, when they remember only the beautiful things they have experienced.

The conclusion is that karmic relationships end with complete surrender or parting without bad feelings.

If the relationship is broken and the love, passion, bitterness and pain are still felt, the karmic debt is not repaid and people will meet again one day and continue their love drama.

How is the karmic connection explained in the horoscope?

Before a karmic connection arises, a person usually has a strong desire for strong love to come to him.

Many even have an intuition. When you encounter karmic love, you should not be afraid, but accept what the Universe has planned for you.

Isn’t the excitement greater when you know you’re meeting past life love?

Such things never happen by accident. There is no need to calculate or think in this situation.

Souls have to come in, so if they need to do something, the Universe will make sure those things happen. No matter what, both people are enriched with a new experience that will ennoble their souls because they have benefited from it, despite the hardships they have been through and have freed themselves from negative karma.

Before meeting your soul mate, the Universe sends you a sign

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