Characteristics Of The Zodiac Sign For Leo

Leo (lat. Leo) is the fifth sign, the element of which is fire, the planet is the Sun. Representatives of this zodiac sign are the most colorful and vibrant people who are ruled by ambition, pride, and pride that often borders on a pathological state. It is Leos who, more often than other signs, strives for power, recognition, wealth, and luxury. At the same time, despite their love of everything beautiful, expensive, and chic, their main thing in the life of Leo will always be an incredible passion for leadership and vanity. The weak side of the strong and powerful Lions is flattery, to which the representatives of this sign are extremely greedy.

Lions are passionate and generous people who live widely, on a grand scale, thereby emphasizing their status and special position. They rarely fuss and serve others, preferring to accept honors indulgently. Behind this imposing positioning, themselves as the master of the position in the retinue of friends and admirers, Lions often allow extra people to approach them, taking helpfulness for fidelity, and confusing resigned consent with love and sympathy. It is vital for Lions to be a leader, a masters of the situation, and therefore they are so organic in leadership positions and so unhappy if they turn out to be socially unsuccessful. Leos live for praise, encouragement, and endless emphasis on their excellence.

Leos are incredible hedonists, while their love of luxury is an implicit confirmation of their material and social status. They care about the strength of the brand and the feeling of owning the very best.

Lions are big egoists, and even in love, they evaluate a partner through the prism of their love for themselves – for some Lions, even in a relationship, unquestioning worship is important, while for others it is important to choose an object of universal admiration, thereby once again emphasizing their own exclusivity.

Egoism and the desire for recognition and glory are the driving force behind Leo. It is ambition and social approval that push them to development, and the main criterion is the fear of not justifying trust. Being one of the most energetic and charismatic signs, Leo has original creativity and needs to satisfy his ambitions. If in work or love he does not receive the desired return, he loses interest in his undertaking. In addition, Lions love to be in the spotlight so much that they subconsciously avoid companies where they fail to shine and the first violin. More than anything, Leos love it when they are asked for advice – being an expert in any matter or a confidant is their favorite pastime.


Leo is a masculine sign, as its emphasis shifts towards leadership qualities and the energy of power. Men of this sign are typically strong and bright alpha males and machos, ready to throw all the treasures of the world at the feet of their chosen one, counting on admiration and emphasizing their superiority.

The Leo man is pathologically jealous – he not only flares up as soon as his woman pays attention to another man but also does not accept if the social behavior of his chosen one is contrary to his concepts. He is one of those men who dictate to their women what to wear, how to behave, and what time to return home. At the same time, during the period of courtship, Leo is incredibly generous and gallant, but even at this stage, he does not hide that he is looking for a submissive wife, a housewife, devoid of professional ambitions. The Leo man is an ideal option for driven women who are restrained and see their happiness in the comfort of family life.

A man born under the sign of Leo is so possessive that he is sometimes ready to go ahead for the sake of his beloved woman. He will never quietly suffer and regret the lost opportunities – Leo always acts actively and sometimes aggressively. The most primitive of Lions sometimes do not neglect brute physical strength, more refined natures come up with various options for conquering a woman. Lions – gambling natures, greedy for external beauty, and going to extremes – work like true workaholics, walk to the fullest, and love until they lose their pulse.


Leo women are a contradiction of nature, whose strength and pride resonates with sentimentality and the need for love and admiration. The Leo woman, almost on a physical level, needs not just attention, but love on the verge of a foul, renunciation, sacrifice, and the desire of a partner to dissolve in her interests. The desire to lose one’s head from love and self-realization in strong feelings leads Lionesses into the jungle of complex relationships, where a man is assigned the only role – a person who put his royal chosen one on a pedestal. Fulfilling her whims leads to the emergence of an almost caricature authority that can ruin any relationship. Often, the Leo woman herself suffers from her manner of making decisions on her own and considering her opinion as the ultimate truth – for the sake of balance, she even has to go for artificial stimulation of weakness.

The ability to put yourself above others and the regal manner of the Leo woman mesmerizes many men. At the same time, Lionesses are often bright, strong, charismatic women in bright outfits, whom men of the timid dozen are simply afraid of. Falling in love, this woman loses her head and gives herself without a trace. In the work of the Lionesses – real pros, taking any heights with charisma and diligence. Big lovers of luxury, Leo women are more likely to spend money on shopping, pleasure, entertainment, personal care, and gifts for loved ones. They are also great hostesses and lovers of parties and receptions, thereby emphasizing their status and ability to shine as the hostess of the evening.


Lions have the best relationship with signs ruled by the element of Fire – Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius. The sign of Leo is best combined with Gemini – both are bright, strong, and independent, and their union rests on the strongest foundation – mutual interests and the ability to feel each other. There are also good prospects in relations with Libra – the sophisticated aesthetes of Libra and the bright leaders of Leo often create unions that are very fertile for both. A union is likely with the absolute opposite of Leo – Aquarius if the latter can come to terms with the role of a follower. A not very successful union awaits Leo and Scorpio, and a completely unsuccessful one with Taurus: both are fixed signs, where perseverance and unwillingness to give in rule the ball.


Leo Men
Alexander the Great, Grigory Rasputin, Bill Clinton, Alfred Hitchcock, Louis Armstrong, Mick Jagger, Robert De Niro, Patrick Swayze, Antonio Banderas, Barack Obama, and Ben Affleck.

Female Lions
Coco Chanel, Madonna, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lopez, Audrey Tautou, Charlize Theron, and Halle Berry.

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