Couple Plans For Halloween Night

Halloween is a day when terror and fear take over you, and it is no wonder. Although you do not like to celebrate it, you have probably gone to more than one (and more than two) theme parties in which the Night of the Dead was the protagonist. And why not celebrate it with your partner?

You can take advantage of the night or the entire day of October 31 to celebrate with your boyfriend or your girlfriend and enjoy a unique and unrepeatable evening. If you still don’t know how to do it, don’t worry! In TimesCatalog we propose you some plans for couples for Halloween night that are terrifying, original, and intense in equal measure. Let’s see them!

How to spend an unforgettable Halloween night with your partner

There are many plans for Halloween, but you must choose the one that best suits the tastes of your partner and, of course, yours. Spending an evening with your boy will be a lot of fun and you can also enjoy a completely unforgettable night. What plans do we have for you? Don’t miss our list!

+Cinema night

There’s no Halloween night without horror movie night, right? Whether you are a fan of this type of cinema or not, the scariest night of the year is the perfect evening to put on a scary movie … and cuddle up on the couch! There are many to choose from and all of them will have a component that will fill you with fear and will make you have fun with the scares of the big screen. Also, if you prefer, in the scary catalog there are also perfect series for you. Do not miss the opportunity!

+Romantic and terrifying dinner

Movie night can be accompanied by a most romantic dinner, and also terrifying. You can order food at home or you can go out to dinner at a restaurant that you like, but if you want to go one step further, you can make dinner between the two of you and enjoy a little cooking. What do you think of some sausages as fingers? Or maybe some mummy lollipops, or cheese eyes? Let your imagination fly and prepare unique and, above all, very original recipes.

+A scary ride

If you search well, surely in your city there are somewhat dark places that you can walk through on the night of October 31st. Haunted houses, mysterious streets, cemeteries … You can even lie down in the moonlight in one of your favorite parks and enjoy a picnic with the recipes that you have previously prepared. In this sense, you can also enjoy a terrifying-themed escape room, for example, zombies, so that you can experience an evening of fear in the first person. An intense night full of love that you will never forget.

+Halloween themed parties

If you and your partner like the party, do not miss the opportunity to go to one on Halloween night. Surely you have thousands of offers that adapt to your tastes, such as at nightclubs or at the house of one of your friends. Sure they will all be dressed up, so you can spend a nice little time with your loved ones while you dance to the rhythm of the best Halloween music … Perfect, don’t you think?

+Matching costumes

In relation to the previous point, we come to the matching costumes, something that you are sure to love. In addition, it will be very special if days before you start planning how your costume will be this year, you can even make it with your own hands instead of buying one. How about the Joker and Harley Queen? Or a nice couple of witches or devils? Choose the costume and makeup well, you will be the king and queen of the party!

+How about a Halloween gift?

Why not treat yourself to a treat on Halloween night? It can be your second Valentine’s Day if you propose it. But this time, instead of giving chocolates … you will have to give something scary! For example, some simple jelly beans in the shape of eyes, a survival guide for a possible zombie apocalypse, a scary movie that you can see that night, a photo of you with a scary theme, for example, if you made one with your costumes from the previous year … There are many ideas, but you will have to make sure that you know perfectly the tastes of your partner.

+Halloween letter or poem

If the above gifts are not for you, you can also use your imagination to write a letter, a phrase, or a love poem on Halloween. You can take advantage of the text you write to tell your partner everything you feel or thank everything they have done for you so far, yes, always with a touch that reminds us that we are on October 31st. You can send the letter or poem by mail, or even send it by WhatsApp. You have so many options that it will be very easy to choose one.

+Night of scary stories

Do you know any terrifying scary stories that you have never shared with your partner? Halloween night is the perfect occasion. You can even search for videos or information on different pages to find out more scary stories (about ghosts, undead, witches …) and tell them on a most special evening. The hours will fly by!

+Halloween at home … let your imagination run wild!

If you prefer to stay at home on the night of October 31, in addition to watching a movie, enjoying scary stories, or having a romantic dinner, you can decorate your home in the best possible way. In this way, you can enjoy more time together before the specific day arrives, making the decorations and thinking how you will do it: spider webs, pumpkins, candles everywhere, skulls … You can even enjoy your room and your bed decorated with terrifying motives and let your imagination fly …

+Halloween in another city

If you are a travel lover, you cannot miss the opportunity to go to another city for Halloween. You can discover hidden places in that city, or simply spend a pleasant evening in a hotel or rural house having a great Halloween party with your friends. You just have to plan your trip well, even to a neighboring city, and get ready to enjoy it. You will have a great time!

+What if you celebrate the Day of the Dead?

On November 1 and 2, the Day of the Dead is celebrated, a festival that in Mexico has great reception. Therefore, if you want to rule out celebrating Halloween, you can also celebrate the Day of the Dead as a couple in a very special way. You can create your own altar for the dead, remember those who are gone, and spend a very special day telling stories of those people who are part of your lives. What do you think of this plan so different but so beautiful?

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