Gemini Sign

When it comes to being smart, smart, or superbly landing on my feet, I’m never the last born! Ambivalence, duality, double play or face down: we say that a Gemini is far too intelligent to be 100% frank! I repeat it modestly but above all do not vouch for it… The mischievous fable was me and the charm of impertinence was reincarnated. There was Lio… but since then I have taken up the torch! Gemini does not count… for fake and when it comes to “comedy”, I never said my last word!

Gemini, a fine strategist, and a storyteller!

Mercury gave Gemini a great intellect so never be fooled by his nymphet airs: he is the king of tactics! For him, life is a game of poker!

He smirks, he imitates, he feigns, he laughs, he provokes a moment and he revokes afterward: a false-air of Kyllie, a cleavage à la Marylin, a pout of Angelina Jolie and he walks from one mood to the next. the other, nicely blurring the lines. It’s called being “bountiful” and that he knows how to do well: why dwell in a role when everything else is so funny?

A need for mental and intellectual stimulation very present in Gemini

He is interested in everything but we can not say that he goes to the end of things. It flutters, it’s a real weather vane. His curiosity spans 360° Gemini likes to have an opinion on everything and that already requires eloquence. In short, blowing wind is a very pleasant pastime.

Open-minded, the astrological sign of Gemini needs to be in constant intellectual stimulation. Her curiosity and mental creativity are her most valuable assets.

Popular and talkative, Gemini is well surrounded!

Always up to date with the latest neighborhood gossip, Gemini knows about gossips before Here!

The sign of Gemini wields the art of speech!

After the weather vane, here is the pipette! Gemini is rarely short of arguments, often the last to speak and the first to put a grain of salt! Gemini is very comfortable with words and their eloquence is undeniably leading the way. If life were a word, he would create the play on words. He would have liked to be a lawyer but life dragged him to the Press Relations side: socializing at will, he spoofs, he creates the necessary links, he compliments or ignores, and his address book is worth gold. In short, Gemini loves to rain and shine in their environment.

Pulling the strings of relationships is a puppeteer’s job and on that side (only), Gemini is an artist! Nothing is free in the game of life and knowing the right person pays off more than the lotto!

Gemini is a sociable bit of a train

Nothing superficial but all spiritual, a bit like Michèle (Laroque). Gemini is lively and intelligent full time, like Jean Dujardin and Jamel! We can not make humor for two euros and earn so much money!