Happy Valentine’s Day: How to surprise your loved one

Sure, we should strive all year long to make the person we love the happiest! But for Valentine’s Day it can be something special, right? Here are our 5 date tips that will make Valentine’s Day (or the weekend before) your love highlight. ❤


A puzzle is too boring for you? Trust us – the whole thing is insanely fun for two. Because with a good glass of wine and some music, you will quickly reach a deeper level of conversation while doing the puzzle. Ideal especially for couples who like to travel a lot in everyday life. An evening just for two is pure luxury! ❤

Shooting stars in the mountains

Who says that a special trip always has to be incredibly expensive? You can usually experience an unforgettable adventure with very little effort. It’s best to choose a nice spot with a view of the open sky because now comes the clue: Instead of a hike, take a short walk to enjoy the starry sky. That may sound banal, but it’s guaranteed to be unforgettable for the two of you – I promise! ✨

A trip to the mountains was also an absolute date highlight for influencer Kimberly Budinsky! Luckily she was styled with the trendy purple Dyson Corrale hair straightener for this exciting experience.

The first date reloaded

Yes, you read that right! Just relive your first date. What were you doing back then? What were you guys talking about? What outfits did you wear? Just relive your first date. You will be amazed at how nice it is to reminisce! Like the first time! 😍

Above the roofs of the city

For the true overachievers among you, we have something very special: a date on a Ferris wheel! 🥰 It doesn’t matter if you have dinner in a gondola or just enjoy the view for two: We promise you, the feelings will be driving the Ferris wheel here instead of a roller coaster! 😉

Rainy day at home

The weather is not playing along as planned? Doesn’t matter at all! We don’t necessarily have to leave the house for an unforgettably beautiful date. Grab a picnic blanket, get your favorite snacks and a nice drink. In addition, dim light or candlelight, as well as romantic music – vóila, your perfect Valentine’s Day date!

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Happy Valentine's Day: How to surprise your loved one