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Here are the 3 Rituals that happy couples practice EVERY DAY

Here are the 3 Rituals that happy couples practice EVERY DAY

Here are the 3 Rituals that happy couples practice EVERY DAY

In serious relationships and marriages, there is always the idea of ​​happiness that will last for the rest of your life.

However, it often happens that couples, even those who thought it would never happen to them, start to take it for granted.

Although there are people who will try to convince you that such things are normal for a serious relationship or marriage and that any relationship is bound to bury passion and that frequent quarrels are okay, this is not true. .

There are practical ways to strengthen any relationship and ensure a happy relationship or marriage.

How do you know if your relationship is going badly?

It is normal for relationships to be difficult.

But when they exceed a certain level of stress, they have a negative impact on all aspects of your life: your business, your friendships, your health, even your mental stability.

A study shows that staying in a bad marriage can increase your stress levels to the point that you are more likely to suffer from heart disease.

If you see the following signs in your romantic relationship, it may be time to work together to change your situation:

  • Passive-aggressive behavior
  • Volatility
  • Make jokes about each other
  • Constantly walk on eggshells so as not to hurt or anger the other
  • You need to ask your partner for permission for every little thing
  • Constant tiredness
  • Social isolation: the relationship is held hostage
  • Count the dots
  • Blame the other for their negative emotions
  • Jealousy
  • Compulsive buying to solve relationship problems

Below, we offer three rituals that couples in happy relationships and marriages repeat daily.

According to experts, it is natural that in a marriage or a serious relationship, romance, affection, respect and communication decline over time, not because couples stop loving each other, but because they are too comfortable together.

However, over time, taking this for granted will start to bother one of the partners and become a problem.

That’s why it’s important to be aware of what you’re doing and have a plan to nurture all that’s positive in the relationship.

To avoid a situation where you take yourself for granted, try introducing three happy couple rituals into your daily routine:

1. Create a greeting habit

One of the important moments in everyday life is how you greet each other.

If you are consistent in your greetings and sincere, every moment you meet again will make you happy.

However, if you break the habit of greeting over time, the feeling of excitement will disappear.

So bring the greetings back into your relationship and be consistent.

After a while, you will realize that it has a positive impact on your relationship and you will be excited every time you see each other.

So, in the morning, take the time to say “hello” to each other, don’t jump to your phone right away.

When you get home from work, set aside time to talk about your day.

And in the evening, before going to bed, say “good night” and kiss each other tenderly. Even if you don’t go to bed at the same time.

2. Set aside a few minutes each day for uninterrupted communication

This point follows on from the previous one…

Just two minutes of uninterrupted, focused communication can be better and more important to a relationship than spending a week without focus together.

So take a few minutes each day for a meaningful conversation.

For example, you can start waking up a little earlier to talk to your partner for a few minutes after breakfast for the day ahead.

Before going to bed, you can talk about plans for the next day and what needs to be accomplished.

It is important to talk about your feelings, your desires and to agree on everything that needs to be done.

3. Practice the daily ritual of respect

It is true that couples often take each other’s qualities for granted.

They start doing it very quickly.

They just happen to stop noticing all the good things the other is doing.

Logical sequence ?

They focus more and more on the small flaws.

If you seem to be going in this direction yourself, try including a respect ritual in your daily routine.

Practice gratitude when the opportunity arises.

Thank your partner for all the big or small things he/she did for you that day.

  • Thanks for cooking.
  • Thanks for making the bed.

After a while, you’ll be amazed at how many nice things you do for each other during the day.

When you realize this, you will also become much more tolerant of the mistakes you make.

Here are the 3 Rituals that happy couples practice EVERY DAY

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