Here Is The Age At Which We Would Be Happiest According To Science

We tend to believe that the younger we are, the happier we are. Yet according to science, it is not totally the truth … Find out if you are past this age or not yet?

Let’s be honest, if you could only have one age for the rest of your life, which one would you choose? Would you go back to your youth and enjoy the craziness of your 20s, or would you prefer a more mature age with a career and possibly a family life? Over time, responsibilities accumulate and we tend to think back to our early childhood, where our only concern was to collect as many Playmobil as possible. But according to some studies, there is an age when our peak of happiness is the highest. Spoiler alert: we are hardly surprised!

At what age are we the happiest?

This is a survey published in the journal Social Indicators Research, the Spanish researcher Begoña Álvarez interviewed people aged 50 and over, coming from thirteen European countries. She asked participants 3 short questions, namely “Looking at your life, was there a distinct period when you were happier than during the rest of your life? If so, when did that period of happiness last? when did this period end? ” With all the results collected, the researcher was able to conclude that the highest peak of happiness was between our 30s and 34s.

We reassure you, that this does not mean that beyond this age, you will never be happy again. In fact, this means, that “the probability increases sharply from childhood until the age of 30-34 when it reaches its maximum ” according to the researcher.

According to the results, this peak of happiness would last well for two decades. Don’t panic about your happiness after 40 years. In fact, it evolves as we get older. In adolescence, the hormones of puberty play tricks on us, and therefore our peak of happiness cannot be reached. Between 30 and 60 years, we live fully, our daily lives evolve, which explains the peak of happiness.

Finally, according to those interviewed, likely to decrease after 70 years. With old age, certain problems arise in our lives, and we are less likely to experience times less rich in euphoria. Clearly, we just have to find the secret to freeze time at our 35th birthday!

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