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Here Is The Exact Time We Are Happiest During The Day

Here Is The Exact Time We Are Happiest During The Day

Here Is The Exact Time We Are Happiest During The Day


The week is made up of ups and downs. The hours we are happy, others where we are less. Studies have taken stock of the times of the week when we would be particularly happy.

What time of the day are we happiest?

A study in 2015 by a supplier of high -speed on a panel of 2,000 British people is at 14:35 as we are the most We did not expect that. For good reason, this schedule often marks the start of digestion and the time to get back to work. Nevertheless, this hour would actually be the moment when morale is soaring. A satisfying lunch might explain this.

But not all researchers are of the same opinion. Many of them designate the famous time of ” happy hour” as the time of universal happiness. This niche does not owe its name to chance. In fact, between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., most of us are at work. The beginning of the evening thus seems to be the most favorable period for relaxation.

Conversely, the time of the day when morale would be the lowest is the Monday before the lunch break. At 11:17 sharp. This is explained by this famous drop in energy that we systematically undergo at the end of the morning. A hectic weekend can also be the reason.

What day of the week are we the happiest?

Certainly not on Monday, nor Tuesday. Unless you’re on vacation, of course. According to a study conducted by a communication agency in 2013, Thursday is the day we would be happiest. The idea of being on the weekend soon would make us happier than really being on the weekend.

This is also proven by a study carried out by three researchers from the University of Hamburg. Saturday and Sunday would actually be the days when we tend to be brooding. Sunday, in particular, would be a source of anxiety. The apprehension of Monday is already there. This also explains insomnia and the blues that occur on Sunday evenings.

Remember, however, that there is no real day or time to be happy. These data are shared for informational purposes and should in no way influence your well-being.


Here Is The Exact Time We Are Happiest During The Day

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