Here Is The Most Common Reason For A Friendly Breakup

Here Is The Most Common Reason For A Friendly Breakup

You were like the two fingers of your hand, inseparable, united through thick and thin, but almost overnight between you and your BFF, everything stopped. And for some, it all ended badly.

The main reason for friendly breakups
Amorous or friendly jealousies, geographic distance, too different professional backgrounds, lifestyles at odds, misunderstandings, there can be many explanations behind a friendly break-up. But there would be the main one, behind many of them.

According to a study carried out by the British firm Expert Market in 2018, the most common reason for a friendly break-up is money. No, we are not talking about a Casa de Papel-style robbery that your BFF would have organized at your place or a loan that would have taken too long to be repaid.

The problem with money is really one of lifestyle and spending habits.

The difference in income can break the friendship

Friendship often fades when the budgets of two friends are too different. If everyone cannot participate in a common gift in the same way, if the holidays are too expensive for one or not enough for the other, or if the prices displayed on a restaurant’s menu are in the way. Who has never experienced the famous “we share”, indigestible when we barely have enough to finish the month and we purposely choose the cheapest dish.

When two very close friends have really different budgets, their bond can easily be loosened.

According to a survey of 1,000 people, nearly half of people on a budget admitted refusing activities with friends for lack of money. And at the same time, almost half of the wealthiest admit to preferring to hang out with people with the same budget as them.

How to maintain a friendship with different budgets?

You will understand, this is not a brutal friendly breakup, nor a violent one, but rather a slow separation where the two parties move away without doing much to try to put the pieces back together. There are some tricks that can be put in place to maintain a friendship that matters, despite different budgets.

Choose dinner or lunch at home over a restaurant outing. If the restaurant is compulsory, let the one with the smallest budget choose the place. Whoever has the biggest budget can also, if he wishes, invite his friend as a birthday or Christmas present.

As part of a common gift, it is the one with the largest budget who should ideally make the purchase and accept without commenting all the amounts of the other participants.

To go on holiday with your BFF is a little trickier, but nothing prevents you to operate at two speeds or finding a balance that suits everyone. The main thing is to agree beforehand so that no one ends up in the red, or frustrated with the impression of not having benefited enough.

Finally, do not forget, a text, a phone call, a walk, it costs nothing, and that also welds a friendship.


Here Is The Most Common Reason For A Friendly Breakup