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How does karma decide who you will fall in love with?

How does karma decide who you will fall in love with?

How does karma decide who you will fall in love with?

We always expect to have the perfect partner.

We want someone who offers us love, care, respect and understanding. And when we look at the other couples, we say to ourselves that we want the same thing.

Yes, the grass always looks greener elsewhere.

However, there is one thing that is often forgotten. We do not ask ourselves the question of whether we are ourselves this perfect partner.

Do we offer the best of ourselves?

We tend to seek perfection, without offering the same.

And when we look at certain birth charts, we realize this.

On the other hand, there are natal charts that carry heavy karma in relationships, but heavy karma only lasts for a period. That is, there is a dramatic breakup or departure from the partner, but after that come better times.

However, most remain trapped in this event where many do not know what is behind the pattern.

Only one percent of our time is devoted to events in our lives. The remaining 99 percent of the time is spent reflecting and thinking about these events.

For example, we get fired, we break up, a loved one leaves us, all these events are short, but they have a considerable impact on our lives.

Karma is an unconscious whirlwind

Patnjadjali, the first commentator on yoga (over 2300 years ago), said that yoga stops the vortex of consciousness. So when, for example, in this life you constantly fall into secret relationships, your unconscious remembers these events and seeks their manifestation, whether in this life or in the next.

Since the ego is just a blind instinct, we don’t see that we have created events in our lives. So, the blind that we are attack their creation, because we do not see more deeply how these people who are there to enlighten this creation came to us.

So, if in the past life we ​​deceived someone, then in the next life we ​​attract this matrix. We will see the people we have deceived again, although it is not clear to us, but it has unconsciously attracted this energy that we have imprinted in ourselves.

We cannot get rid of a certain perception if we are still reacting to it.

If we want a relationship, we fall in love with those combinations in which we have understood love in this way.

That is, a person can meet a positive person and continue to live happily with him. But she doesn’t want it, she chooses people who will hurt her because the pattern or the matrix of love has been created.

The misconception of karma

And now comes the biggest misconception.

If we had a secret relationship in a past life, we will feel most in love in this life when we find ourselves in this combination again.

People fight with all their hearts to fall back in love with an unfortunate combination in which they will be hurt and in this they will be helped by the media, magazines and “friends” who do the same.

Everything is in a vicious circle where the truth is not revealed.

So we fall in love with the karmic relationships built, good or bad.

However, falling in love is multidimensional.

Although karma is one element, another aspect serves us to become aware. Awareness is a path that requires a lot.

A bad relationship will lead someone to destruction, while it will help another person find true love.

Falling in love is therefore about attracting partners who have these qualities that we have not exceeded.

If we have not transcended the role of father, the man who will attract us will have a false authority.

Over time, this man will irritate you more and more, and you will look for such a man again or insist on punishing yourself.

Those who are more persistent in self-deception say that they have tried everything and that it is better to be alone, but in fact they have not tried.

They insisted on something that hurt them and that was a fantasy.

Also, the mentioned love secrets from the past life, in this life, can prevent finding a suitable partner.

That is, this partner can be in front of you, but the relationship is not secret and we cannot get our own pattern of falling in love.

Although some people may be in a relationship with the same partner, it is subconsciously reminded that this love is only fulfilled when we feel that we are in a secret relationship.

Indeed, the excitement is lacking.

Many think they understand the nature of falling in love, but society and friends send out misleading and confusing information.

People do not believe in karma and thus remain prisoners of their own beliefs which do not allow the situation to be clarified.

We keep such a stupid belief in materialism because we have acquired it through education as a relic.

Even if we can’t use this knowledge anywhere…

After all, we cannot find a job with it, we get sick, and doctors in most cases just fix the problem.

And we know that the pill we take has a short term fix, but believing that we are souls living these patterns through the centuries is too difficult, because we would have to change our ineffective beliefs.

If we want to engage in love, if we want to go far enough, we cannot frame love with superficial beliefs.

Although love is offered to us at every step, we only see superficial truncated images of past loves, but the choice is still ours.

How does karma decide who you will fall in love with?


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