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How Each Zodiac Sign Feels And Lives Love

In these lines, we will see how each of the twelve signs of the Zodiac feels and experiences love, as well as the luck or difficulties that they encounter on their way to fulfillment and happiness. Experience shows that personality, way of being, and acting have much more to do with the chances of being happy than the action of luck. In any case, we will see which are the luckiest signs and those who have the most difficult path, or they make it more difficult, which is almost always what usually happens.


These people are dominated by instincts and passions. They face life as if it were a battle or a great challenge, also doing the same in love. They fall in love at lightning speed although they can also get cold in the same way. They are one of the most ardent signs and sex is essential for them. They are stimulated by challenges and challenges but can lose interest once they get what they want. Very daring and thrown in love. They can be very jealous and possessive.


We are facing the most sensual and Dionysian sign, love is essential for them although not in a platonic way rather it needs to lead to its material and sexual fulfillment, to be able to enjoy the most refined pleasures. Eroticism and physical contact are crucial for your fulfillment as a person and your happiness. In love he is very tenacious and always plays it safe, he knows how to wait if necessary but he will not stop until he achieves what he wants. He is looking for a solid and stable union and his feelings are deep. He is jealous and possessive.


The head predominates over the heart and the passions of these natives. He loves to experiment, he seeks and is stimulated by variety in the emotional and sexual fields. They are born seducers and love adventures and flirtations (Don Juan Tenorio is their ideal prototype). He needs to relate, he is terrified of loneliness and he adapts wonderfully to all kinds of people and situations. He does not want ties, he seeks to be free and independent. He is attracted to intelligence, to be able to learn from his partner. Great ease of speech.


It is the most sensitive sign of the Zodiac and in love you need a deep empathy between feelings and emotions, almost merging with the loved one. He longs to receive all kinds of care, pampering, and displays of affection. Intimate life and family are the most important thing for them. Look for her “soul mate” and build a wonderful story around her (Dulcinea or Prince Charming). She has a very maternal side inside of her, she cares for and protects her beloved and in turn, seeks the same. His goal is to build a home.


These people love themselves more than anyone but at the same time, they are noble, warm, generous, and with a great capacity for love. They have the highest bar and are looking for someone who is up to their standards but the vast majority of the time they cannot find it and they can become unhappy in love. His instincts and passions are very powerful and he indulges in all kinds of dalliances and adventures. He is a born seducer, charming, and very attractive when he is interested. If he really falls in love he will give himself away forever.


This is a difficult sign for love and sex although it is not due to misfortune but rather to their personality, they usually find happiness in the second half of their life. They tend to avoid the world of feelings and instincts or perform poorly in it due to fears, inhibitions, or ethical-religious taboos. They are deeply demanding and look for someone who borders on perfection, they quickly pick up on their partner’s flaws and limitations. They go slowly and safely, starting with a friendship.


For these natives, love is the most important thing in their lives and they need it almost like the air they breathe. His personality is ideal for love, he is usually sweet, kind, pleasant, and sensual, and he takes great care of his image and way of presenting himself. Love peace and flee from tensions and conflicts. It is the sign best equipped for coexistence, it adapts better than anyone to the other person. Loneliness terrifies him and his ideal of happiness resides in his partner. Her key word is “harmony” and she knows how to bring out the best in people.


This is the most passionate and ardent sign of all, although it does not appear so on the outside where it cultivates a cold and controlled image. Love and sex are essential for them, the spring that moves their lives. It has an intense psychic and sexual magnetism. He loves and desires with the utmost intensity, eroticism burns him inside. Terribly jealous and possessive, he does not forgive or forget an affront. He has a deep understanding of himself and human nature. Passionate, volcanic, and tormented loves.


These people have a very positive view of love and sex and will try to live it with the greatest fullness and confidence. They live in the moment and adapt with great ease, but they also love freedom and independence and do not like ties. They are very adventurous in love and are fascinated by people who can teach them things. They always stay with the positive of life and people. They are looking for a vital and optimistic partner, a companion for the journey of life. Deep down she dreams of a stable relationship.


These people usually have a difficult destiny in life and in love, the second half of life is usually their happiest time. Reality collides with his dreams and illusions and to achieve his goals he has to fight hard. In his youth, he may suffer frustrations or failures in love, but time and his iron will lead him to the desired goal. Repress or control your impulses and wait for the moment to release them. Importance of family and seeks to establish strong and deep relationships.


The natives of this sign are different from the others, they go by other paths. Sociable and open, they will adapt to all kinds of people and circumstances but they value freedom and independence above all else, which is why their ideal relationship is friendship considered a strong spiritual bond and at the same time free of commitments and ties. Run away from emotional dependency. Feel the love in a different way, give free unions. He looks for his soulmate and he will notice the person regardless of age or gender.


These natives are full of love, they can give without expecting anything and sacrifice for their loved ones. They seek the union of souls and give themselves deeply. It is the most romantic and dreamy sign and they deeply believe in true love. They often have platonic or impossible love affairs and idealize the loved one. But it also has another much more sensual side that seeks the most refined, morbid, and sophisticated pleasures. They tend to love those who do not deserve it or do not love them back.

How Each Zodiac Sign Feels And Lives Love - TimesCatalog
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