How To Deal With Stress According To The Zodiac Sign

How To Deal With Stress According To The Zodiac Sign


Each sign of the zodiac has different weak points and is prone to certain diseases. Of course, that doesn’t mean that these diseases have to show up in life. Here is some advice from me on which area each animal character should be careful of.

Earth Sign


The weak points are the neck, the nape of the neck, and the head. They often become overwhelmed, take on too much burden – this often leads to pain in these areas of the body. A lack of exercise also leads to tension all over the body. It would be advisable to exercise more, for example doing relaxation exercises and yoga.


The weak points are the gastrointestinal area. They are real perfectionists, often put themselves under pressure, which can also lead to stomach problems. You have difficulty coping with changes and stressful situations – this can lead to digestive problems. It would make more sense to see a doctor first before she takes medication.


The Capricorn is very ambitious, strong-willed, and often decisive. This can lead to tension throughout the body – if he charges too much responsibility on his shoulders, makes itself so noticeable. The weak points are the bones, the spine, the neck. A night of healthy and adequate sleep is the basis for body and mind – this is especially true for the ibex.

Air Sign


The twins often struggle with allergies. Your weak points are the bronchi, the lungs, the hands, the vocal cords. Geminis are very communicative people, talk a lot, and are very sociable. Sometimes they overdo it, which can lead to irritated vocal cords and hoarseness. Adequate exercise and a balanced diet are successful stress management for them.


The scales react particularly sensitively to environmental influences, often brooding and analyzing. The weak points are the kidneys, the bladder, the skin, and the veins. A Libra needs to take detoxification cures at regular intervals. It often happens that Libra fails to get rid of toxins absorbed from the environment. This leads to problems and diseases in the areas of the body assigned to it.


An Aquarius is particularly open and interested in the world. He seldom gets bored, there is always something new to discover or try out. The weak points are the nervous system, the legs, the calf. Aquarius should reduce stress in any case, as it is particularly harmful to the nervous system. He should also ensure adequate sleep.



A scorpion is particularly sensitive and physically not particularly robust. It is particularly difficult for him to cope with emotional stress, if his mental life is disturbed, the body often suffers as well. The weak points are: ovarian and prostate inflammation, diseases of the sexual and excretory organs (hemorrhoids), infectious diseases, parasitic diseases (mites, lice, ticks, worms), or fungi The scorpion should take detoxification cures at regular intervals.


Cancers are particularly sensitive emotionally and physically. Mild pain is harder for them to endure than for other people. The weak points are psychosomatic disorders, the stomach, the genital organs. You should pay attention to a healthy diet. Too much stress also makes the stomach ache, so you should shift down a gear.


The fish is particularly soulful and sensitive, constantly analyzes. So it’s not surprising that he is prone to psychosomatic disorders. The weak points are the nervous system, the legs, the stomach. A fish needs to pay attention to a conscious lifestyle. A little yoga also brings movement into play and harmonizes body and mind.

Fire Sign


Hardshell, softcore – this could be a lion’s motto. He has a lot of temperament and a strong urge to move but is sensitive and thoughtful. The weak points are the cardiovascular system. Leo loves life and can enjoy it just as well, but should still pay attention to nutrition. Too much fatty food often puts an enormous strain on the body.


Aries has a lot of strength and vigor, you can see that in him. Most Aries are pretty quick-tempered. But they also like to channel their excess energy sensibly, preferably during sport. The weak points are the muscles, the blood, iron deficiency or an excess of iron, the lymph nodes, the head, the teeth, the nails, and the scalp hair. Aries should learn to be more patient and get things done more slowly. Strength lies in serenity – could be the motto of an Aries.


The archer always finds something new resist, irritates the in, the bad mood has little chance with him. The weaknesses are liver diseases, growth disorders, benign tumor formation, hip-hop to disease, obesity. He should pay attention to the diet and sufficient exercise. It would make sense to take a break more often and enjoy the little things in life.
How To Deal With Stress According To The Zodiac Sign