How to use the law of attraction in love?

How to use the law of attraction in love?

The law of attraction in love can be very effective if you follow the steps of its implementation.

The Law of Attraction states that you can create your reality with the power of your own thoughts. For many people, it is a valuable mental tool, but psychologists also warn of negative effects.

The Law of Attraction (also known as the “Law of Resonance”) was first formulated under this name in 1877 by Russian occultist Helena Petrovna Blavatsky.

It implies that there is a direct link between our inner world of thoughts and feelings and our outer living conditions.

According to the Law of Attraction, your thoughts and ideas shape your reality. And this also applies to the law of attraction in love.

In its simplest formulation, the law of attraction states that like attracts like. It also assumes that your thoughts and feelings determine your reality.

Followers of the law understand it as a universal principle valid at all times, for every person, every feeling and every thought.

The law of attraction should apply to all areas of life, be it relationships, our hobbies or finances.

That’s why today we are going to learn how to put into practice the law of attraction in love.

It is important to understand that the Universe does not distinguish between good and bad thoughts. Only we humans evaluate our thoughts and our surroundings.

According to the law of resonance, every thought generates a certain vibration and therefore should attract thoughts and feelings with a similar vibration.

It works very similarly to first impressions: if you approach new people with a smile, it’s much more likely that they’ll be friendly with you as well.

How to apply the law of attraction?

The way we look at ourselves is a choice.

The great advantage of the law of attraction is also a great challenge: no one but you is responsible for your reality. So that he frees you from the victim and draws you into self-responsibility for him.

Awareness of your thoughts, feelings, and actions is key to law enforcement.

  • Become aware of your thoughts and choose them wisely. You are not at the mercy of your thoughts – rather, you can direct them and take charge of your life. Meditation can be a valuable tool for self-awareness.
  • Notice how you formulate your thoughts. For example, if you think “no war”, you inevitably think of war. It would be better to replace “no war” by “peace”.
  • To manifest your reality through your thoughts, it can be helpful to visualize your thoughts and write them down. You can also use tools like auto-suggestion and positive affirmations.
  • Since the law does not differentiate between conscious and unconscious thoughts, it is essential that you are truly convinced of your thoughts. When in doubt, phrase your thought in such a way that you can believe it. For example: “I get a little closer to my goal every day”.
  • Wherever you direct your attention, there is your energy. If you can direct your attention consciously, you can turn your wishes into reality. It is important that you act on your thoughts and beliefs.
  • Start with yourself. How you see yourself is your choice. Your perception of yourself, in turn, directly influences how you affect your environment and, conversely, determines how your fellow human beings react to you.

The law of attraction in love: how to find love?

I am asked again and again how the principle of resonance or the law of attraction works in love. It is also very useful to know these simple basics of being together when looking for a partner.

  • How to find love?
  • How to find a guy?
  • Finding the love of your life, is it possible?

Let’s look at the law of attraction in love. If you don’t know what to do with such terms at first because you find that “laws” have no place in the realm of love, you can always stop for a moment.

Think about your own partnerships, including old ones, or your friendships.

And now think about which partnerships can be described as “successful” and which ones failed and why. Whether you use the concept of the law of resonance or otherwise, you will be able to observe some repetition of processes and conflicts in almost all couples.

Conflicts are normal and part of a partnership. But how you handle them differs from couple to couple. It seems very important that we recognize the partner as an individual and therefore as clearly “different” from ourselves.

Or if you are trying to establish some kind of equality for various reasons.

Opposites attract – is attraction sufficient as a basis for the law of attraction in love?

It’s interesting to take a closer look at what will happen to what made the other person so attractive in the first place. Often, that’s exactly what’s completely different and – if you will – what’s exotic about a partner.

An example could be given here: a rather calm and balanced man who prefers to work with his computer, books and who has a few very good friends, meets a woman occasionally, perhaps during a company party.

She represents the exact opposite of him, she is surrounded by listeners. She tells funny stories. And she laughs a lot, is outgoing and downright appealing to the masses.

The man mentioned is also happy to join them. He listens to her, watches how she moves, how she basically reveals all of herself. And he quickly falls in love with her.

To make it short: the two become a couple, because the woman is currently very much looking for someone predictable, calm, certainly not like her.

Everything is fine ?

There are basically two variants for the “continuation” of the story.

The first variant, which describes how the two very different people become a unit, provides for the greatest possible acceptance of the specific type of partner.

The other, unfortunately, the opposite, namely the permanent struggles and strangeness, which can eventually lead to separation.

But let’s assume the positive trend. Let’s look at the good things these two very different beings can do so as not to stop at the initial fascination for “the other”, but to turn it into something truly constructive.

Once the two get to know each other well and talk a lot about why they are the way they are, something like the working phase begins.

The quiet man suddenly feels compelled to draw something from his reserve. Because his girlfriend has a wide circle of friends and of course would like to introduce him to all her friends.

Now he “must” go out more often, find himself among strangers more and more – and realize that it is good for him, that he receives new impulses.

She, in turn, begins to enjoy quiet evenings without a date, spent comfortably with her boyfriend at home. Because she realizes that it was precisely this calm that she lacked.

This somewhat idealized representation shows that in the end the two are not so different and can definitely end up on the same level – without denying their personality.

External and internal opposites

The Law of Attraction principle in love has a lot to do with the things you have already experienced that create positive feelings and associations within you.

In principle, you can also rely on this intuitive attraction, it’s your story in a summarized form, so to speak. What looks appealing with the exterior differences is clear.

You certainly don’t want a double of yourself, but someone a little surprising, who can also give you new impulses.

Nevertheless, all the theories or research findings say that a relationship only has a future if there is a high degree of “internal” matching. This principle is also based on tests carried out by numerous partner agencies.

It’s about such important things as political opinions, life goals, the importance of money, success, children, etc. A partnership can only go well in the long term if there are many similarities in these areas.

If problems arise again and again: question the “loot pattern”

Often, it’s like that, and you will surely know it: a man speaks to you spontaneously, very well even. It looks really good, interesting or even fascinating to you, and you want to know more, really get to know it.

In fact, you already “know” it, because what is sometimes so vaguely called a “prey pattern” applies to almost everyone on an optical level.

What inspires you so much about this person is something that you are subconsciously programmed for. But that’s not necessarily what’s good for you.

The first great love is often decisive for the continued search for a “dream partner” with whom it should finally be possible to be together longer and harmoniously.

In short, it is the personalization of the law of attraction in love.

Especially when you notice that you react positively to “the other”, to things that are completely distant from you and that you basically always find the same type of person exciting.

The law of attraction in love begins by answering the question: why didn’t it work out with his exes?

Do we really have to have the painful proof that a charming and well-bred guy is also someone who can be vain and unfaithful? We are not playthings of our emotions, but thinking women who can broaden their horizons at any time.

A little thought instead of endless repetitions with always the same frustrating result is sometimes very useful.

And – all of a sudden, even a not-too-athletic guy can look great, just because he has stunning charisma. Stay open, life has many surprises in store for you!

With this openness, you can meet a true soul mate more easily than when you are filled with conditions and demands.

Once you understand this, you can answer the questions:

  • How to find love?
  • How to find a guy?
  • Finding the love of your life, is it possible?

Use the law of attraction in love?

A lot can happen in a day.

Before going to sleep, there is a good opportunity every day to reminisce about the day spent in your head, to prepare for a restful night and to say thank you for all that you have been able to experience.

Repeat this exercise every day. Really every day!

After a short time, you can discover how many positive things are happening in your life and what you can really be grateful for.

It will increase your desire for lasting and happy love. End all your days with thoughts and feelings that are good for you, and you will set a solid foundation for future good and positive experiences.

The basis of the law of attraction in love is to answer the following questions:

  • What good did you do today?
  • What made you happy?
  • What are you proud of, whether past or present?
  • What will you appreciate in your soul mate, now, yesterday and certainly tomorrow too?
  • What do you value about yourself that makes you an attractive partner?
  • What have you invited into your life by the law of attraction?
  • Which people would you like to give space to in your life?
  • What do you want to change to generate positive feedback?

The law of attraction in love: mistakes to avoid

There are eight relationship traps to avoid when using the law of attraction in love.

In the beginning, it is difficult to fall in love and build a relationship, but arguments and conflicts are inevitable. And of course, it’s often hard to admit that you were wrong or that you made a mistake.

But these are precisely the key skills for a good partnership – insight and willingness to compromise.

1. Power play is the kryptonite of the law of attraction in love

Sure, we like to do what we want, and in some cases, that’s okay. But trying to dominate your partner all the time is a very bad idea, because at some point he will start to resist it. 

2. Loyalty Vs Boredom

We see loyalty as the key to a committed relationship. But how “faithful” are we in other areas of life?

3. Even with the law of attraction in love, we must not forget that the desired partner constantly changes.

The expectation that the partner will forever stay the way you got to know them can’t work. He wants and must be loved for who he wants to be.

4. Finding the love of your life is not forgetting yourself

Perhaps you have embarked on a partnership of all your strength to overcome a period of loneliness. And then you realize that even in a relationship, there are things you can only sort out yourself. 

5. The law of attraction in love does not erase your emotional baggage.

We all carry emotional wounds with us. We have been hurt, or disappointed, or done the same for others. In a close relationship, very similar situations will inevitably arise which will sprinkle salt on these wounds.

6. The need for control does not align with the law of attraction in love.

For many, part of the dream of a perfect partnership is that everything should be perfectly planned and run smoothly. But life doesn’t work that way.

7. Showing compassion isn’t easy.

It actually seems very natural to support your partner in a crisis situation with compassion and empathy. But it’s often not that easy, because it takes strength, confidence, and the willingness to put your own point of view aside. 

8. Lack of self-esteem disrupts the law of attraction in love.

Of course, a good relationship is a pillar of trust, but your partner isn’t solely responsible for making sure you get along. You have to work there alone too. 

How to use the law of attraction in love