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Lie To Me: 6 Things Men Lie About

Lie To Me: 6 Things Men Lie About

Few have been able to formulate the problem of lies more accurately and more succinctly than Doctor House: everyone lies. The aphorism of the beloved TV hero is confirmed by ruthless statistics: according to scientists, 60% of people are unable to maintain a 10-minute dialogue without ever lying.

Moreover, men, as it turned out in a 2009 study, lie twice as often as women, both on serious topics and on trifles. What do they tend to lie about most often?

How old is he

It is believed that cunning about age is a woman’s prerogative, but the stronger s*x just as often tries to subtract (or add, depending on the situation) a couple of years.

Moreover, psychologists argue that men, in principle, worry about age more than women – it is not for nothing that it is customary to speak of the notorious “midlife crisis” in relation to men.

How many women have

The hero of an American comedy defines the formula for lying about the number of s*xual partners in this way: the figure that a woman calls should be multiplied by four, and the figure that a man calls should be divided by four.

Indeed, men tend to be cunning when it comes to the scale of their love affairs – and all in order to look experienced and irresistible macho in our eyes.

What he really feels

Following the ageless cliché “guys don’t cry”, men are rarely honest when it comes to their experiences and feelings – they really don’t want to look weak in our eyes. For the same reason, it is usually very difficult to persuade a man to go to a psychologist.

Even if the cats scratch their souls, it is easier for a man to get off with nothing meaningful “everything is fine” than to share his emotions.

Why he doesn’t take the pipe

“The phone is dead”, “There was no connection”, “Stuck in a traffic jam”, “I’m at a meeting” – each of these phrases is translated very simply: I don’t want to talk to you now and I don’t want to tell you where I am. Statistics, by the way, indicate that this lie is the most widespread – but in fairness, it should be noted that women resort to it just as often.

How much does he earn

Men tend to lie when it comes to finances in different situations and for different reasons. If you yourself are financially successful, your chosen one is more likely to be deceitful by disclosing the amount of his income, so as not to look “lagging behind.”

 Ordinary bragging and lack of self-confidence can also cause lies about money topics. But there is also the opposite situation, when men deliberately underestimate their income or diplomatically avoid talking about money, reasonably believing that the amount of their earnings is only their own business.

How you look

This includes phrases such as: “No, dear, you have not recovered at all!”, “Of course, this dress suits you!”, “And do not think to be upset – a great haircut!” Let’s be honest: as a rule, women themselves are to blame for such insincerity.

Once, having received from a beloved a manly honest and direct answer and rolling the scene with tears (“How can you say that I’m fat ?!”), we once and for all block a man’s ability to answer such questions truthfully. If, instead of the usual compliment, you really want to hear the honest opinion of the chosen one, learn not to be offended by sincerity.

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