Lovesickness: How to get over your ex

Lovesickness is often difficult to deal with, but there are actually some (unusual) ways to finally get your ex out of your head.

These 4 tips will make it easier for you to get over a relationship.

1. Leave the cell phone at home

It sounds like a bad joke these days – but it helps! Just leave your cell phone at home or at least turn it off. That way, you won’t even be tempted to look at old photos or stalk your ex on Facebook and Instagram.

2. Go on dates

Unfortunately, if you want to find a prince, you sometimes have to kiss a lot of frogs. Just because you just broke up with a pretty obnoxious toad doesn’t mean some of them won’t actually turn into a prince(s).

3. Gift yourself

Your ex just never gave you anything for your birthday and he basically “forgot” other holidays too? Then it’s time to give yourself a proper present. Not only with material things, but above all with things and activities that make you happy. Give yourself a holiday, a diving course or maybe the delicious candlelight dinner that you have always wanted.

4. Do the things he never wanted to do

You could never go to the cinema because he didn’t feel like it? And partying was history anyway? Then be glad you got rid of him and get out the movies and high heels because you’re doing what you want.