Read this if you’re feeling lost like an old soul

Read this if you’re feeling lost like an old soul

Do you sometimes feel lonely or lost in this world? Are you perhaps going through a bad time and feel like you’re completely alone with it?

You feel scared, angry, disappointed, or sad and don’t know how to help yourself. You may want to scream or cry, or even both at the same time, because it’s the only thing that will help you, at least in the short term. But nobody is there and nobody understands you.

You have lost faith in yourself and in the world and you doubt everything and everyone around you. You don’t even trust your abilities, your perception and your thoughts anymore. And everything around you just seems to fall apart. No matter what people say, you kind of can’t believe anyone anymore. you are totally lost

You have the feeling that you are losing the ground under your feet and can hardly put one foot in front of the other. You have completely lost your motivation and are just wandering around in your life. And everything seems so pointless to you. 

You have to understand that this time actually has a valuable meaning for you – even if it might not seem like it right now. Sometimes everything you’ve been holding on to just needs to fall apart to make room for something new and something better to come into your life. Sometimes you have to go through such a difficult time to reach the next level in life.

It may be that certain people who used to be a big part of your life are now leaving your life so that you can be open to new people who truly deserve your love and time and make you feel better. They could be an important part on the way to your life goals. Sometimes everything has to happen that way, even when you’re on the ground and don’t know what to do anymore. Know that there is a transformation taking place in your life that you must go through in order to evolve yourself.

You are not alone as there are millions of people who have gone through or are going through such a time. We all need a cut in our lives sometimes. Sometimes we need that emptiness to feel whole again afterwards.

You don’t need to be afraid that you could lose something that you will miss later. You also don’t need to be afraid that you might miss an opportunity and that you won’t be able to achieve your goals in the end. 

For what should be yours will surely find its way to you. It will track you down and connect with you. Don’t keep racking your brains and worrying that it was all your fault and that you put yourself in this position. Don’t drive yourself crazy by triple checking each step. Don’t keep asking yourself if your prayers will be answered and if your wishes will eventually come true. And most importantly, you don’t always have to obsessively try to find your happiness. You don’t have to go through the world with a smile every day, and you don’t always have to do a perfect job. 

You are not allowed to look for your happiness in life and above all you are allowed to fail. You don’t have to seek your happiness, you can wait for it to find you. Because the truth is: happiness is already looking for you. However, it can’t find you if you’re wandering around desperately opening every door you can find.

Learn to relax and calm your inner fears. Because there is no point in being desperate or in forcing things. Don’t run after things for fear they will run away from you. They’re probably just not meant for you. Sometimes it’s just not meant to be. Don’t cling to people who should be leaving your life because they’re not good for you or because they’re just wasting your time. 

You deserve to have healthy relationships. You deserve to be around people who support you and love you with all their hearts. Life may not always go according to plan, but you can have faith that in the end you will find what, deep down, you long for. 

Don’t let change or uncertainty shatter your hope and set you back. Obstacles will always appear and stand in your way. You must keep holding on to your dreams if you want to reach your goal. Never give up just because things are getting difficult or because you’re afraid you might fail.

Great and successful people know that! They’ve been so successful because they’ve always fallen, but they’ve also always gotten back up. They didn’t give up, no matter how painful or how scary it was. Even if there were moments when they wanted to give up hope, they pulled themselves together and manifested their dreams again. They never really gave up because they trusted life.

Because they know that if something is supposed to be yours, it will come to you at the right moment. But first you have to be ready. And if you are really ready for it, you will receive it.

Read this if you're feeling lost like an old soul