Signs Your Life Partner Is Trying To Control You

Some people in a relationship are so afraid of being rejected that they don’t hesitate to take control of their partner’s life for reassurance. How can you be sure that your other half is genuine and not trying to manipulate you?

“As soon as you clearly see that your relationship is unsafe, say something”, encourages Nathalie Moore, psychotherapist, in an interview with the Bustle site. Because to be silent and to convince oneself that he (or she) is doing this for our good, out of love, that he must be understood, amounts to accepting to be manipulated and subjected to the other.

And there are many who, so worried about losing what they have, try to take control of their other half, without their half realizing it. Because if we see clearly in the game of jealous compulsive-paranoid, we detect much less easily the vice of the one who operates with calm and subtlety.

Especially in the beginnings of a relationship that we want to be idyllic. However, there are a few warning signs that can alert you.

1- He/she calls me 10 times a day

If her keen interest in you may seem cute at first or even be a sign of great bonding, and her 50 texts a day make you happy, beware. Because behind this high dose consideration may be hiding a person with a compulsive need to know where you are, with whom and why.

So, make sure his calls and messages aren’t meant to track you throughout your day. Dealing with reality can save you a lot of inconveniences.

2- He/she makes films

Suspicious, paranoid, he (or she) has put on a play in his head by giving you the lead role. He (she) accuses you of leading a double life, checking your phone for evidence, insists, makes himself/herself sick, makes you sick.

Yes, but there you have it, you haven’t done anything. Some people may, again, see it as a sign of attention, a proof of love. But when your partner begins to want to spy on all areas of your daily life (who you talk to, who you see, where you go and with whom …) to reassure yourself, ask yourself THE question: how long will can you stand it?

3- He/she is already thinking about having a baby

Going faster, strengthening the relationship, forcing stability (which is normally acquired over time) can reassure some people. “If we move in together, he (or she) will be more invested”. “With a child, he (or she) will never leave”.

Again, be vigilant. A healthy relationship is forged over time and through hardship. You wouldn’t think of forcing a 6-month-old baby to walk. And why do? He will do it on his own, of course.

4- He/she is jealous

Nothing could be more natural than a little fit of jealousy. This is proof that the other is not indifferent. Yes, but be careful! Excess is dangerous, even destructive. Because over time, his jealousy can become a source of permanent stress and persecute you.

So much so that you will come to dread the message of a colleague asking you for the password of software or to avoid friends in the hall of the cinema. The survival reflex is then born: that of protecting yourself by cutting off all social ties with the opposite s*x.

In addition, rather than pushing your other half to cure their jealousy, you withdraw into yourself and gradually disappear from your circle of friends. Okay.

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