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Symbol of Friendship: 11 Emblems to Express Eternal Friendly Love

Symbol of Friendship: 11 Emblems to Express Eternal Friendly Love

A symbol of friendship is not just an object or a tattoo that you display for all to see to prove that you have a best friend. This emblem has a deep and sincere meaning for you.

Indeed, it is a way of saying that your bond is eternal and that nothing and no one can destroy it. Through thick and thin, you’ve been together and you’ve stuck together. In good times, you celebrated victories and life milestones.

Yes, friendship is an emotional bond between two or more people that manifests in many ways and comes with inherent symbolism. Symbols of eternal friendship originated in different parts of the world, but today they are known to everyone and for the most part have universal meaning.

Symbolism allows us to express the great and deep affection we feel for another person, associating the values ​​present in the friendly relationship (love, loyalty, commitment, unconditionality, among others) with symbols commonly identified by people of all ages.

Choose the friendship symbol that best represents the special bond between you

If you feel like letting your friend know you feel for her, the lack of words may force you to use a token gesture. This can take the form of a simple yellow rose or a special gift.

Symbols greatly facilitate communication.

Besides, if you want to keep your friendship afloat, you have to follow one simple rule: don’t let resentment or jealousy jeopardize your unique bond!

Friendship is a strong intimate bond between two people. Symbols of eternal friendship exist in many cultures around the world, and give meaning to this special relationship and preserve its essence.

1. Symbol of friendship: the infinity sign

A geometric curve with a continuous line which represents the non-existence of the beginning and the end, is the symbol of infinity. It appears as a symbol of friendship as it establishes a relationship of eternity between the love of friends.

Wear an infinity symbol when you meet a friend you love endlessly, use it to cast a friendship spell, or give it as a gift to someone you care about.

2. Symbol of friendship: the knot

The symbol of the knot evokes a strong and lasting union. It is therefore common for people to use the expression: “friendship knot” to express true friendship.

You can use this symbol to bind someone to you when casting a friendship spell.

3. Symbol of friendship: the yellow or pink rose

The meaning of a rose depends entirely on its color. Red roses are associated with passion, while yellow and pink roses symbolize friendship and happiness.

Pink and yellow roses can be used as a special ingredient for spells to rekindle a friendship or you can give these flowers as gifts.

4. Symbol of friendship: the arrow (Indian symbol of friendship)

Native Americans often passed down signs and symbols from generation to generation to communicate their rich culture, history, ideas, and dreams. The friendship arrow symbol is one of the most popular ways to communicate friendship.

Depending on its position or arrangement, the Indian arrow friendship symbol can mean different things at different times. For example, an arrow pointing left evokes the prevention of evil, while an arrow pointing right evokes peace.

In contrast, two crossed arrows represent the friendship or union of two clans or two different people. They also symbolize a deep commitment.

It is an Indian symbol of friendship that two friends can get tattooed to show their strong will to keep and strengthen the bond of their friendship. You can decide to get it tattooed with your best friend as a sign of your commitment to your friendship.

5. Symbol of friendship: the pink candle

A pink candle is a symbol of friendship rich in powerful, friendly and loving energy that you can work with to attract new friends or strengthen a bond with one of your friends.

You can use the pink candles during friendship spells or you can light one when friends come to your house to create a calming, friendly energy around you.

6. Symbol of friendship: crystals

Lapis Lazuli, an intense blue semi-precious stone, is a universal symbol of truth and friendship. In addition to promoting clarity of thought, healing and wisdom, this stone is said to promote balance and harmony in human relationships.

Rhodonite ball is a sphere-shaped stone, similar in appearance to pink marble, which represents lasting and deep-rooted friendship.

You can use crystals and stones to strengthen your friendships, keeping them with you when you meet a friend. They can also help settle arguments if you hold them in your hands during meditation.

7. Symbol of friendship: the Claddagh ring

The Claddagh is an Irish symbol of friendship, love and loyalty, represented by two hands holding a heart topped with a crown. This symbol is said to represent surrender of the heart with the hands and loyalty with the crown.

You can use this symbol to attract a loyal friend into your life when you feel a bit lonely and can’t seem to let go of your emotions. You can give it as a gift as a ring to a new friend.

8. Symbol of friendship: the bird

The greatest emblem of friendship is the bird. Indeed, it symbolizes the freedom and independence that two true friends give each other. Moreover, there are species of birds that choose to bind to a single partner for life.

The bird migration also represents the journey that two friends must make towards each other to build their bond and to find each other spiritually and physically.

9. Symbol of friendship: the zibu

This symbol of friendship appeared recently (relatively). All people who have a meaning for friendship possess almost divine qualities and the zibu is the representation of this.

You can offer it as a drawing to your friend or make a joint tattoo with your best friend.

10. Symbol of friendship: the bracelet

This is a must! In fact, you probably remember wearing them in college. Yes, the bracelet is most certainly the first symbol of friendship that you have encountered in your life.

You and your best friend bought the same bracelet and you wore it. Or better yet, weave an identical one for each of you.

11. Symbol of friendship: the tattoo


Nothing says everlasting friendship more than a tattoo. Indeed, you and your best friend can choose any of the friendship symbols from this list to tattoo on you so that you always feel like you are connected.

That way, wherever life takes you, you’ll always have your best friend by your side.

Use a symbol of eternal friendship to attract a person with good intentions into your life.


You may be feeling alone right now. You may have realized that you were missing something. Indeed, you realize that the friends you have are not really trustworthy and you really want to find your friendly soulmate.

If so, here is a white magic spell that uses a symbol of friendship to attract someone who could become your best friend.

This spell is not widely known, but it is easy to perform and also very effective.

  • Two glasses filled with water
  • A bit of clean earth
  • A pink candle

How to do ?

The procedure is very simple. First of all, it is necessary to meet the person with whom you want to perform the spell; then you have to light the candle.

In the light of the small flame, you must take the earth and put it in the two glasses of water.

Finally, you must drink the water (which contains a little earth) while being careful of the fire. Both people should drink at the same time.

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