Taurus Sign

Because of this rascal of Venus (who rules Taurus), I necessarily embody pleasure (or the height of sensuality…). Suddenly I am immediately accused of an excess of libido and we take the opportunity to rhyme Taurus with “bimbo”… Note that if in the voluptuous tribe of Taurus women, I am classified between Laetitia Casta and Virginie Efira, I’m not going to make a big deal out of it though!!!

The sign Taurus is an epicurean, a bon vivant

Taurus is a true epicurean. His five senses are always alert! He likes to enjoy the things in life. It is true that the Taurus can easily indulge in pleasure, laziness is his anti-stress weapon, comfort is the best comfort, appetite is a sign of life and sensuality is an art of life.
Cartesian, the Taurus has a very rational mind and an implacable logic, even if it means lacking a little flexibility: “one and one make two”. Logic and common sense are the engines of our Taurus. Do not try to make his dream: he would be too afraid to fail and to fall from too high, it is suicide for a Taurus !!!

Tenacious and resentful, the Taurus ruminates!

They say Taurus is the king of “intellectual masturbation” and, given the diagnosis of my last shrink, this formula said it all! It is not because the Taurus is an Epicurean at heart that he puts aside his moods…
You have to get up early to understand the psychological twists and turns of a Taurus! With him nothing is light: he chews, he swallows, he ruminates … in short our Taurus is resentful, he dissects the details even if it means making knots in the brain. Taurus can also be cynical and stubborn. He likes to stick to his positions, he likes to be right and stand up to others.
In short, you understand: the astrological sign Taurus does not rush, it takes the time it takes (with a headache in passing…) but when it is said, it is said !! ! He is convinced that it is rather the imbeciles who change their minds … and that there are only weathervanes to reproach him for his stares! The continuation in the ideas is surely not a sin…

Patience and perseverance are the qualities of the Taurus star sign

A good “gestation”, that cures you of the haste! To those who reproach Taurus for a certain passivity, he replies that taking your time is better than blowing the wind!
Each step is a stone on the wall of life. The Taurus does not mess with the achievements and the material makes life beautiful: yes, he is materialistic! A penny is a penny and he has his feet even more firmly on the ground when it comes to his “owner” instincts!

Reliability and security to overcome hard knocks

The Taurus never bends down to take on responsibility: in short, he embodies reliability! Try to push a real Taurus and you will understand what it means: passive but reluctant, bulky but powerful! This astrological sign is extremely reliable and it is always equipped with sacred arguments to protect its positions (and to camp on it too!)

When the Taurus is angry, it explodes violently: you cannot play with the nerves of a Taurus without transforming the life in bullfighting!