That’s Why You’re Scared Of Love, Your Zodiac Sign


Dear Aries, you like to live your life to the fullest! You value your personal space and your independence the most and don’t let anyone take it away from you.

You are not afraid to live your life alone. In fact, sometimes you think it’s better for you. Your biggest fear is that someone is restricting you in some way and holding you back.

You are afraid of losing the fire that burns so brightly within you. But the truth is, deep down you want a committed relationship. You want to love as passionately and intensely as you want to be loved.

You want a healthy and safe relationship in which you have enough room to breathe because you are afraid that someone will step into your life and change the way you do things.


Dear Taurus, you are very stubborn and so used to your normal life that you abhor change. You live so peacefully and happily in your comfort zone that you could stay there forever. But your comfort zone has also become a wall between you and the world and people because you don’t let anyone in.

You are so self-sufficient that you fear losing your independence and relying on someone else to make you happy and fulfilled.

You can appear heartless and dismissive, but inside you are a hopeless romantic and believe in true love. When it comes to relationships, you only want solid and long-term relationships. You don’t mess with everyone. You are not interested in anything non-binding.

You want all or nothing. This is why you are afraid that your heart will be broken because you have learned through bitter experience that not all people are as righteous as you are.


Dear Gemini, you are so unpredictable! You keep changing your mind because of your insatiable curiosity for new experiences and your zest for life. That’s why you’re scared of falling in love. Because you don’t want to be trapped by it.

You love to flirt and meet new people, while at the same time hate to be stuck in one place.

You are afraid of the idea of being tied to a person because you like to keep everything open to yourself and don’t want to think about whether the person by your side is the right one.

You always strive for excitement and new experiences and therefore you are terrified that falling in love will bring your life to a standstill. You want to constantly grow and develop as a person. Your fulfilling social life is sacred to you and you are not ready to give it up or yourself for a relationship.


Oh, Cancer … you are the most sensitive and loving sign of the whole zodiac. You have a caring nature that is always there for others.

You’re not afraid to show other people how much you love them and how much they mean to you. When you fall in love, you love your whole being and give everything to the other. You are very trustworthy and devoted, and your partner should be lucky to have you in their life.

However, your empathic nature has driven you into the arms of toxic partners who have abused your good intentions. They broke your heart and that’s why you’re now afraid to love again.

You are afraid that your heart will be broken again. That is why you are also afraid to reveal your soul to someone and to be vulnerable because you know that people can be fake and only take it without giving anything back.


Dear Leo, you do everything with love and passion! Your world is full of love and romance. You fall in love easily because you love the idea of falling in love.

But it becomes difficult to find someone suitable and to stay in a relationship with them. You are afraid of disappointment and are therefore extremely fussy about your partner. You have very high standards that are likely to push potential partners away.

You want to be in a very two-way relationship. you wish to be seen, appreciated, and adored. You crave emotional attachment and devotion, and once it’s lacking, you will fall out of affection.

You are terrified of giving your heart and soul to someone, only to have to part again because you lack the feeling of being loved.


Dear Virgo, you only reveal the parts of yourself that you want others to see. Your walls are so high that you almost never let anyone get close enough to get to know the real you. Your analytical and overly critical nature sometimes makes you difficult to deal with, but you are just tough on yourself.

Your perfectionism has attracted many lost and toxic souls in need of salvation. And that’s where your real fear lies – in the possibility of experiencing love in its truest form and what that would mean to you.

The very idea of opening up to someone and being vulnerable will scare you. You fear that your partner may not like the not-so-good parts of you that you hide deep inside.

Intimacy scares you because you believe everything has to be perfect and so do you. However, you forget that neither you, nor me, nor anyone else is perfect or will ever be perfect.


Dear Libra, you are a romantic sign who dreams of true love and of being taken by storm. You are afraid of being alone and because of this, you tend to get involved in non-committal affairs. However, one of the top priorities for you is finding your true partner.

You want a stable and binding relationship with a partner with whom you have a deep bond – a complete surrender of mind, body, and soul.

Your greatest fear is intimacy and showing yourself to the other because you are so busy with your flaws and insecurities. Your charming nature makes you very good at small talk and at meeting new people and making new connections, but you are afraid to go deeper than that.

You’re so scared of loneliness that instead of trying to find it, you push love away from you. You run away from love so that you are not abandoned and left out in the rain.


Dear Scorpio, your greatest fear is to be betrayed by the person you love. You are naturally suspicious of everyone, but the fear of betrayal in love is greater than anything because it comes with fears of abandonment and rejection.

You want to be ready to trust your partner one hundred pc, and however you’re thus mysterious yourself. Behind your calm, cool and composed look lies a ocean of depths, emotions, corpses within the basement, secrets, and thoughts that solely you’ve got access to. as a result of you’re afraid that you simply can reveal the $64000 you to others which they’re going to break your trust and your heart.

You are very violent, dear Scorpio, especially when it comes to love. You don’t accept mediocrity. You don’t do things by halves. You are brutally honest and always say what’s going on.

You were hurt earlier and are now afraid of opening up to someone again and losing yourself in the relationship. You are afraid of happiness because you are afraid of getting hurt again. Great opportunities and happiness can lie in front of your nose and yet you may not see it because out of paranoia you often sabotage yourself and everything good that happens to you.


Dear Sagittarius, your energy, curiosity, and your insatiable desire to enjoy life to the fullest have made you strive for more exciting experiences and adventures than for true love.

For you, your biggest fear is leading a boring life. You want constant excitement, so you’re scared of settling into a relationship and the routine you think comes with it. That’s why you always run away before you get too attached to someone.

You associate commitment with monotony and boredom, so you’re terrified of getting involved and giving up, traveling, meeting new people, and learning new things. And even if you may have a reputation for being a riot, you are an idealist in love and don’t want anything to do with emotional manipulators and toxic people.


Your self-control, your focus, sense of responsibility, discipline, and personal responsibility are remarkable! You are afraid of love because, in your opinion, love is always an unpredictable mess, something that has no place in your perfectly composed world.

You don’t want to let anyone into your life just so they can throw it into chaos and make you feel like you’ve somehow failed (even something you hate). You are very realistic and when it comes to love, you are particularly careful and do not have rose-colored glasses on.

When you’re in a relationship, you want it to last; you want to be able to see a future with your partner because otherwise, you won’t even start. For you, love means an investment of time, money, energy, and effort.

You always want to be seen as strong and therefore fear losing the upper hand in matters of the heart.


Dear Aquarius, your need for freedom and time for yourself is great and sometimes you think that falling in love would in some way limit you. You are extremely committed and loyal in a relationship, and while you give your partner all the freedom they need, you expect the same for yourself too.

You are afraid of being crushed in a relationship. You are afraid that you will never find someone who understands you and your individuality.

Someone who understands how much you need the space to do your own things. Your gut will never let you down, even if you always let logic rather than emotions guide you because you fear that love will make you look crazy and stupid.

You’re afraid of trusting someone and opening up to love because you’ve been hurt before and don’t want to go through it again.


Dear fish, your greatest fear is that you will be taken advantage of. You are very generous and sensitive and you are always there to help everyone who is in need without expecting anything in return. That is why you attract troubled and troubled souls who are in dire need of healing.

Your limits are not particularly strong and your naive, selfless nature wants to save and love them immediately, but unfortunately, these souls you help to heal are often the very ones that break your heart in the end.

You are a hopeless romantic who wants to find “the right one”. You wish for a love like from a fairy tale. The everlasting love.

This is what love makes you fear because you know that you often attach yourself too easily to someone and unfortunately, most of the time, it’s the wrong guy. And now you want to avoid getting hurt at all costs.