The 4 Astrological Signs That Hate Halloween

some, Halloween is an exciting time where creativity and mystery dominate, while for others it is a dreadful day to go!

Some astrological signs love Halloween. The costumes, the horror movies, the candy … everything is perfect! But this is not the case for these 4 astrological signs who would prefer to be able to forget this day and arrive at Christmas faster.

Check out the 4 signs that hate Halloween in the video above!   

4. Capricorn

Capricorns are often very mature and, to them, Halloween seems like a children’s holiday. They’d rather spend the evening being productive than eating candy while watching a horror movie.

On the other hand, if they decide to participate, they will do so 100%. Whether it’s making a game plan to go out for the candy harvest or planning the world’s most elaborate costume, it’s all or nothing.

3. Gemini

The only way a Gemini person enjoys Halloween is if there is a party where they can chat and meet new people. Without that, she doesn’t see the point! In addition, finding a costume idea is a puzzle for her.

The truth is, they don’t like to be afraid! Often quite anxious, Gemini is not a fan of horror and monsters. They don’t need another sleepless night thinking about ghosts and serial killers!

2. Pisces

Great Zodiac sensitive, Pisces is a few energy sponges. On Halloween night, when the mood is pretty gruesome, they tend to feel uncomfortable. They are not fans of thinking about death, so the Day of the Dead … it’s not ideal!

Pisces, on the other hand, have a fertile imagination, so they can appreciate the creative side of the costumes and the beautiful make-up that they can observe during this day. They are more comfortable in the role of spectators.

1. Virgo

Halloween is often a chaotic night, and Virgos prefer order. They aren’t comfortable when their routine is completely upended by a ton of kids knocking on their door!

The only way Virgos could appreciate this holiday is if you nurture their competitive side. Throw a costume contest and your Virgo friend might want to participate in Halloween for once.