The 7 stages you must go through to achieve Spiritual Awakening

The 7 stages you must go through to achieve Spiritual Awakening

Unfortunately, most of us spend our entire lives trying to reach the pinnacle of our spirituality in hopes of finally finding enlightenment. But what many of us don’t realize is that everything takes its course and trying to rush the process only leads to failure. You cannot influence this process. Let nature take its course and sit back. Watch her spectacle. Trying to hurry would do no good.

Also, we have stopped realizing that we are all at different stages in our lives. Our energy vibrations are on different levels. We cannot expect what works for us at what time, what works for others. It all depends on how aligned we are with our energy and spirit and how determined we are to attain true enlightenment.

So to help someone when we see them stuck in a phase would do them more harm than good because they would never understand what their own self is capable of and they will spend their whole life looking for a crutch. One must believe in oneself in order to succeed and attain enlightenment of mind, otherwise they would just be in a normal state of being, in limbo, not going anywhere.

But how do we awaken our sleeping spirit to finally find enlightenment? There are 7 steps designed to guide you through this task of self-discovery.

1. Confusion

The first phase of awakening is the confusion phase. You are confused. You don’t know where you should be or where you want to be. Your life is in shambles and nothing really makes sense. Everything confuses your mind and you don’t know where to go next to break out of the chaos. And you also have no idea where you should be in a certain phase of your life. You are but a rudderless boat drifting into the vast abyss of life.

You have no knowledge or skill to successfully navigate this meaningless existence. But losing hope would do you no good. You must hope that the sun will shine brightly on the horizon and guide you through this confusion. Then the sky will clear and your path will be clear.

2. Impatience

You are impatient. You want it and you want it now. You are on the edge of your tolerance limit and want to vent your frustration. This monotonous life makes you a mess and you want real success and happiness in your own way. You want to experience bliss without carrying the burden of a meaningless existence on your shoulders. But the problem is yourself. You are in a hurry. You don’t want to sit down and understand first. You want to run through things without knowing the damage it would do to you. Just relax. You will reap what you sow. You just need patience.

3. Appearance of the Lord

This is the trick everyone is looking for. You are surrounded by a variety of emotions that cloud your mind. You have always rejected and neglected your previous thoughts, which you felt to be superficial or childish. They return to your head and you now understand them even more clearly. The crushing burden is still there, but you are armed with new thoughts, new emotions, and a better understanding of the world. The new dawn has arrived.

4. Fighting and giving in

You can’t rest now – not now that you’ve come this far. You lose an inch and you have to try to get it back. It is an ongoing struggle between yielding to the ever-encroaching darkness and winning the path of salvation. You must draw while the dark side also draws. Be careful not to give in. The dark side would tempt you to sit down and give yourself a towel to dry off, but don’t do it. You have worked very hard. Don’t give up now!

5. Darkness

Do not lose hope. The darkness has surrounded you, but it will go away. You are crushed under the darkness, the negativity around you is killing you and driving you insane. But the hopelessness, the feeling of being a worthless being who feeds on the humanity of people, will disappear again. Remember, any cloud cover in the sky will eventually break up again.

6. Connectedness

In this phase of awakening you are in a higher realm of existence. You are connected to everything around you. Nature, beings, the animate and the inanimate – all are connected to you and this feeling relaxes you. You don’t want to let go And I’m telling you, you don’t have to let go either. let your consciousness flow let it encompass everything

7. Synchronicity

Finally you are in sync. You have finally achieved balance with everything that surrounds you. You are calm and collected, and you have realized that true happiness comes from within. Let everything flow and happen without blockages and you will be the zen master.

After these 7 stages of awakening, you will come to a much better understanding of your worth or self-authenticity and then reach a higher level of understanding and awareness. Very few reach this final stage. But if you hold on to your hope and recognize each phase and its pitfalls, you can make it this far.

It is worth it! Ultimately you are in balance with your Creator as you have realized your self worth and are above the material realm of being which eventually leads you to understand everything around you and to love everything unconditionally.

The 7 stages you must go through to achieve Spiritual Awakening