The 7 Worrying Signs That Prove Someone Is Jealous Of You

The 7 Worrying Signs That Prove Someone Is Jealous Of You

Jealousy is not pretty pretty…

This emotion actually hides a deep insecurity. When someone is jealous, it means that he/she is afraid of losing something (object, friendship, relationship or status) that means a lot to him/her. And that creates anxiety in that person.

When you have a friendly relationship where jealousy exists, there is no balance. Thus, the friendly relationship becomes toxic, unmanageable and almost unrecognizable.

Indeed, this feeling can turn your friend into a completely different person, someone vile and mean. The problem is that most of the time this person is hiding the truth from himself.

Indeed, you have trouble detecting your friend’s jealousy because he/she refuses to admit what he/she really feels. Like I said, jealousy transforms people, so it’s hard to find the strength to overcome your ego and reveal your true nature.

Luckily for you, you don’t need your friend’s confession to know if he/she is jealous of you. Indeed, here are the 7 signs that will show you how this person feels about you.

And if you notice these 7 signs of jealousy in your friendship, you either need to have an honest discussion with your friend to fix this problem, or end your significant other for good.

It depends on the seriousness of the situation and the duration of your friendship. But I’m sure you’ll make the right decision, the best decision for you.

1. All of a sudden, you find out that your friend is talking bullshit about you.

Sometimes even your friend doesn’t realize that he/she is jealous of you. It will most likely start with a feeling of “unlove”, especially if you realize something he/she has always wanted to do.

You might then start hearing other people say that your “friend” is gossiping about you. He/she likes to put you down in front of others in order to appear better than you.

If you decide to confront your friend about it, he/she will probably have an excuse, such as saying that you have become “different” or “arrogant”. 

2. When you make a mistake, he/she seems to rejoice.

Even if it’s a mistake you made a long time ago or you just suffered a loss, your jealous friend will be the first to say, “I I had said. »

Indeed, a jealous person is actually happy to see others fail, even if it is a friend. The failure of the other gives him a feeling of superiority.

But not everyone who takes pleasure in the failure of others is someone you want to stay with.

3. Whatever you do, he/she belittles your achievements.

A jealous friend tends to feel bad about themselves and devalue your accomplishments. If you have good news, he/she may start looking for something negative to say to make you feel like you don’t deserve it.

Something like, “Don’t rejoice just yet, you still have a few interviews to go before the end of the hiring cycle.”

There is another way for a jealous friend to diminish the importance of your success. He/she may comment on something emphasizing that he/she has more than you.

Example: “I passed the interview for my company on the first try. And it was much more difficult than what you are doing”.

4. When your friend gives you a compliment, it is followed by an insult.

If your friend is jealous of you, he/she will do everything he/she can to make you feel like he/she supports you. Indeed, the compliments will rain.

But watch out for passive aggressive behavior and the true meaning of these compliments. Thus, a jealous person is not able to be completely happy for you.

So when she gives you a compliment, it’s often to insult you in a disguised and subtle way.

Example: “Did you get the promotion? Great. I didn’t realize your company let inexperienced people climb the ladder so quickly. But congratulations! »

5. For him/her, you are always lucky.

It’s understandable to say “Oh, you’re lucky” in positive contexts (like when you win the lottery). But if your friend says you’re lucky just because you got hired for a job they know you worked hard for, that’s not a good sign.

This can also apply to your relationship status, especially if you have a good partner: “How lucky you are to have found such a good man”.

This person is not happy for you, they are just jealous of you. She does this, most likely, to feel better.

6. He/she tries his best to get away from you.

Once someone realizes they’re jealous, they may have a hard time controlling themselves about your success. Moreover, she is afraid of being discovered.

So she does her best to get away from you. Initially, your friend is constantly busy, tired or sick. Then he/she finds other excuses.

However, you may also notice that he/she takes the time to socialize with other people in your social circle.

7. He/she sticks to you like a leech.

On the other hand, there are jealous people who go out of their way to stick to you. And it can get dangerous. Indeed, this is not a sign of love, but of obsession.

Your friend tries to appropriate your qualities, to feed on your energy to finally become you. In his/her mind, you are everything he/she wants to be, so he/she wants to be like you. Better than you!