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The Best Signs To Spend A Death Halloween

The Best Signs To Spend A Death Halloween

What are the qualities of the best companion for a party? You will agree with us that he has to know how to make you laugh and he must be able to provide you with a good moment of disconnection, but who meets the demands for the scariest night of the year? In TimesCatalog, we consult the horoscope and tell you who are the best signs to spend a Halloween of death, who are those with whom you could not have much fun, and which are the ones that may make you have a good time, but maybe just the opposite. Let’s see it!


  • With what sign will you spend a Halloween of death?
  • The signs to try to avoid on Halloween
  • Signs with which you may have a good time (or not …) on Halloween

With what sign will you spend a Halloween of death?


Aquarians are one of the best signs you can hang out with to spend the night of the ghosts because you have fun guaranteed. They are sociable and are eager to have a good time. What better excuse to go out on a rampage than Halloween? With them, the night can tumble many times and start in one place and end in a very different one.

People with this sign are unpredictable and do not like to plan excessively what is going to happen. They prefer to be carried away by the spontaneity of the moment. They will enjoy your company, especially other Aquarians, Geminis, and Libras since they share the same desire to have fun.


Although Taurus is too cold and distant, they are so eager to disconnect for a while from the absorbing routine that they are one of the best companions for Halloween. If you see them at work or have not had the opportunity to maintain a little closer contact with them, you will have an image of them of serenity, seriousness, and maybe even boring.

However, they are eager to find a time to have a good time because there is not a lot of leisure time in their life. They are willing to give it they are all! They are usually open to listening to all the plans that are suggested to them, although later it will be difficult for them to choose. They will enjoy the rest of the earth signs, that is Virgo and Capricorn, very much by their side, since they feel a lot of compatibility with Taurus.


Halloween is one of the best nights for Pisces and they will ensure a moment of enjoyment. Those of this zodiac sign are very fanciful, so they usually love to dress up. They have a thousand and one ideas about which Halloween monsters they can dress up and they will get into the role in an unexpected way.

They may not provide you with the craziest party, but due to their cheerful and friendly character, you can be sure that you are going to have a great time on the night of October 31st. If you are a Pisces, Scorpio, or Cancer you will enjoy them even more. 


Sagittarius can guarantee you the craziest Halloween you’ve ever experienced so far. When the time comes to enjoy themselves, they set few limits and want to give it they’re all. You will have a night full of scares, dancing, and lots of laughter, all seasoned by a good dose of cobwebs and bats. In addition, surely you have one organized that is going to make your hair stand on end.

Of course, if you are looking for a quiet night, do not count on Sagittarius because you are going to have a very bad time. Those who are going to enjoy the most with those of this sign are Sagittarius, Aries, and Leo. You’re going to have a scary night!

The signs to try to avoid on Halloween


People who belong to the Virgo zodiac sign are quite reserved, they have a serious character when they are not known in depth. This will make them not feel entirely comfortable at a big party on Halloween because they prefer to spend the free time they have surrounded by their loved ones.

In the perfection stands out, a quality that is sometimes a good companion but other times it is not so and can arouse concerns among those around them. However, if these signs are joined with others such as Taurus, Capricorn, or with a water sign such as Pisces, they can have a great time if they leave aside the perfection that characterizes them.


Cancer is characterized by being a very sensitive sign, however, they have a personality that is sometimes very difficult to understand, and this makes it difficult to spend a Halloween of 10 with them. In addition, they are characterized by prioritizing the home to party, which will make it very difficult for you to convince them to party.

This zodiac sign prefers to spend the night of October 31 at home, without too many ups and downs, and they also prefer to spend it with their relatives or with their partner. They can have a great time with other signs such as Scorpio or Pisces, but precisely on this night, they will avoid disguises and terror.


The people who are Libra feel very comfortable in a balanced environment. They have a lot of elegance, good taste and although they are very sociable, Halloween is not their favorite holiday at all. Even on that night, they prefer to be busy preparing for All Saints Day or the Mexican Night of the Dead, because they have a much deeper meaning for them.

If they want to have fun, they will take hold of the people around them on a day-to-day basis. They will be much more comfortable at a party organized by their loved ones than going to large events or large discos where they do not know very well what is going to happen.


Capricorns are, in the eyes of people who do not know them, quite cold, distant, and very serious. Being so distant with people you don’t know will cause your coworkers to avoid inviting you to big parties because they will think they are boring, even if they are the opposite.

Their character indicates that they are not very into doing crazy things, and the scariest night of the year requires a bit of ease to have a great time. Signs like Virgo, Taurus, or Scorpio, who understand you best, will make you have a great time on a quiet night without great frights, for example watching a scary movie or enjoying a little time at home with your loved ones.

Signs with which you may have a good time (or not …) on Halloween

Some zodiac signs can have the best night of their life on Halloween, but they can also be the worst depending on their volatile nature. For example, Scorpio could spend October 31 at a big party with lots of fun and laughter if he is with whom he wants to be and does not feel betrayed by anyone, or overwhelmed by responsibilities. The same thing can happen to Geminis because their dual character means that they may be willing to spend the best night of their life, or they may want to spend it at home without the company of anyone other than their favorite series.

In the case of Leo and Aries, two very passionate fire signs, it may happen that they want to throw the party of their life, but it may also happen that they do not want to know anything about the outside world because they have had a problem in previous days. For these zodiac signs, it is best to prepare days in advance so that the desire to enjoy increases and not less.

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