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The Temperament And Constitution Of Each Zodiac Sign Are You Choleric, Melancholic, Sanguine, Or Lymphatic - TimesCatalog

The Temperament And Constitution Of Each Zodiac Sign: Are You Choleric, Melancholic, Sanguine, Or Lymphatic?

On this occasion, we will delve into the astrological trends that would most affect the physical or bodily side of the twelve signs of the Zodiac and for this, among other things, we will take as a point of reference the 4 temperaments of antiquity: choleric, melancholic, sanguine and lymphatic. . In reality, we only very rarely find “pure” types, although one of these temperaments always predominates in each zodiac sign, as we will see below in the following general tour.


This sign is the one that best personifies the choleric temperament, also called bilious because in ancient times it was believed that it was produced by an excess of bile. A character that modern psychologists describe as emotional, active, and primary, and that is in close affinity with the element of Fire and the planet Mars. Physically, it gives an athletic constitution in which there is a clear predominance of the muscles, the rib cage, the male genitalia, and the sympathetic nervous system.


The combination of the sensual influence of Venus together with the Earth element, much more reflective and realistic, would result in a sanguine-melancholic temperament in the vast majority of cases and a sanguine-lymphatic temperament in others. This corresponds, also in a great majority of cases, to a picnic, a wide and heavy constitution that gives an impression of great solidity and firmness. The clear predominance of instincts, sensuality, and the Dionysian but at the same time, he knows that to have all this you have to fight.


This sign has a great affinity with its ruler Mercury and gives a nervous temperament of a clear intellectual nature and a physical constitution in which the cerebrospinal nervous system would clearly predominate, generally asthenic and thin but also in other cases athletic or asthenic-athletic. Prevalence of oral and written language, both physical and intellectual mobility, relationships, and exchanges, all of this would be further enhanced by belonging to the aerial element.


Of a deep affinity with the Moon and the watery element, the vast majority of these natives are distinguished by a lymphatic temperament, also known as phlegmatic, which at the same time corresponds to a general pyknic constitution in correspondence with a physique with rounded features, something which is also seen in asthenic types. The predominance of the digestive and nutrient functions and also of the maternal generating forces and the vegetative nervous system.


Belonging to the element of fire and ruled by nothing less than the Sun, the star king, this sign has a bilious or choleric temperament, and in some cases sanguine-choleric, which would correspond to a passionate personality that is characterized by being emotional, active and secondary. He is endowed with an athletic build and is considered by some to be the strongest and most vital sign of the Zodiac. The predominance of the heart and the circulatory system would be the great engine of life, heat, and combustion.


Due to the powerful influence of its ruling planet, the intellectual Mercury, and the Earth element, to which it also belongs, this sign is one of the clearest exponents of the nervous or melancholic temperament, also called “atrabiliary” because in the past it was thought that it was caused by the so-called black bile, which supposedly originated in the spleen. Most of the time it grants an asthenic constitution with a clear predominance of the cerebrospinal system and the nervous system.


Due to its intimate affinity with Venus, its ruling planet, but also influenced by the cold and severe Saturn, this sign would have a sanguine temperament and also in many cases sanguine-melancholic, since it fuses sensuality and love of pleasures with a much more rational or intellectual. It grants an asthenic or athletic constitution, or often a mixture of the two types, as well as a predominance of renal-urinary function and the spine as a symbol of harmony and balance.


This powerful and fearsome sign, in which the energies of the violent Mars and Pluto are combined, gives a choleric or bilious temperament also, in other cases, phlegmatic-choleric. Behind his apparently cold and indifferent exterior, a real volcano is hidden, and a deeply passionate personality (emotional, active, and secondary) nests. Along with this, there is a clear predominance of the organs of elimination (bladder and anus) and, singularly, of the male genitalia that generates life.


Symbolized by the horse, this sign grants excellent physical conditions and a choleric or bilious temperament and also, in many cases, sanguine or sanguine-choleric, magnificently gifted for sports and all kinds of physical exercise. His constitution has a predominance of blood and especially the liver and powerful thighs stand out. Great vigor and vitality to which is added a positive and optimistic nature, adventurous and daring, extroverted and deeply open to the world.


It is a sign deeply associated with the melancholic or intellectual temperament due to its association with Saturn and its belonging to the Earth element, although it also receives a notable influence from Mars therefore here we will also find the choleric-melancholic temperament with some frequency. It usually gives an asthenic constitution although there are many cases of picnic constitution, as well as a predominance of the bone system that suggests great solidity and firmness.


This sign, in which the spiritual energies of Saturn and Uranus intermingle, would give a nervous-melancholic temperament with a clear predominance of the cerebrospinal system and the nerves, but also of the peripheral circulatory system. In many other cases, we will have a sanguine or sanguine-melancholic temperament, jovial and outwardly communicative. The constitution is asthenic or athletic, or a mixture of both in many cases, and the head always predominates over the heart.


This sign is endowed with a lymphatic or phlegmatic temperament with clear control of emotions and feelings over the more rational or pragmatic side. It also grants a picnic constitution in most cases but there are also many individuals with an asthenic constitution. They possess exceptional psychic plasticity that in some cases reaches extrasensory perception, paranormal gifts of mediumship, as well as exceptional gifts for artistic creativity.

The Temperament And Constitution Of Each Zodiac Sign Are You Choleric, Melancholic, Sanguine, Or Lymphatic - TimesCatalog
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