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These are the 4 most common signs of fear of commitment

Fear of commitment is not always so easy to spot. But if you recognise yourself in these behaviour patterns , it is a sign that you have them.

You know these four signs when you have a fear of commitment:

1. You keep talking about relationships

Even though you’re single, you keep talking about relationships. This is a sign that you are afraid of commitment . Because if you talk a lot about what your ideal partner should be like, you always have an excuse later why it doesn’t work out. That’s why you never stop talking about it. And when a relationship or romance breaks down, you keep making up reasons why it’s a bad time anyway.

2. Always “wrong partners”

To outsiders, it seems like a huge losing streak. Because it just doesn’t work for you with men/women. Again and again you reach for partners who don’t suit you at all and after a certain time it then falls apart. However, you do it subconsciously on purpose. Because that way you never have to commit yourself in the long term and you don’t have to be afraid of getting hurt too much.

3. Suppressed feelings keep coming up

You appear incredibly composed in most situations and don’t react particularly emotionally to breakups. But again and again your suppressed feelings come up. This is an important sign that you are afraid of commitment. Because suppressing makes you think you have control over your feelings. But when they do break through, it seems completely over the top to others and they don’t know exactly what’s going on.

4. Running away from a committed relationship

This is probably the most well-known indicator of fear of commitment. You just can’t handle committed relationships and you run away from them. For you, almost only “one-night stands” come into question, where you can’t build an emotional bond. This is how you try to protect yourself from painful experiences.

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