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These are the 7 levels of spirituality: where do you stand?

These are the 7 levels of spirituality: where do you stand?

These are the 7 levels of spirituality: where do you stand?

Spirituality is not a stable state. It’s actually a continuous journey that has its ups and downs like a roller coaster. One is not always on one level of spirituality, but one normally moves back and forth between the different levels in life.

Even people who devote their lives solely to the development of their spiritual awareness may go back and forth several times during their lifetime.

So it’s not a race to reach the highest level as quickly as possible. Although the higher levels may seem extremely appealing, awakening can be messy at times. However, it is very important to know where you are right now. Because this realization gives you the strength to go on and grow.

Here are the 7 levels of spirituality. Find out where you stand!

1. The worldly plane

In this state, spirituality awaits the right opportunity to show its power. She is idle for the time being. Most people spend their lives on this plane, wondering, for example, if there is life after death or if there are ghosts. But all people have the chance to move on and get to the bottom of these questions.

2. The neophyte level

This is probably the most important of the levels of spirituality. Perhaps you are going through a difficult time and perhaps issues such as fear, separation, depression or disappointment play a role in your life. But fortunately, divine intervention is helping us see the greater truth. This may shock you and you may wonder what just happened. Something pushes you to learn more. 

3. The Adept level

Although doubts may still exist, your awakening has made you aware of the importance of nature, life, emotions and passions. You begin to care more about others and integrate nature into your life. You can also feel the empathy growing within you.

However, your old life is still present and trying to drag you down to the worldly level. You may try to talk about it with your friends or close relatives, but somehow they don’t seem to understand you. Old hobbies and habits don’t seem to interest you as much anymore. You have to change!

4. The level of teaching

Eventually you realize that what others think doesn’t matter what is true for you. You no longer feel the need to be recognized by others. You could even be on the verge of being fired from work or losing friends. You are now ready to take another step. In addition, you are aware of the energy flowing around you. You see what is real and valuable in your life. Premonitions and coincidences may set in. So you are on the right track. 

5. The level of seeking

All this urges you to read new books and embark on the amazing journey into the world of spirituality. This is the first state in which you will actually feel independent of the darkness and pain of the mundane world. You will find others having similar experiences. Your energy is radiant and this is especially noticeable for sensitive people. They are attracted to your aura trying to make contact. Those around you see a new person glowing with an inexplicable light of positivity, awareness, and contentment. 

6. The master level

At this level you begin to heal yourself, clear your karma and help others who seek your help. You possess magical powers and love to become an example for this world and to inspire others. You have established a stable connection to your higher self and your guardian angel. In addition, you constantly receive teachings and messages from the spirit world to become a beacon for the lost souls. People are drawn to your light and are constantly looking to you for help.

You can perform miracles with your magical powers and have visions that predict the future for others. But be patient, because nobody can learn or achieve everything. Remember that you are still a part of the material world. Others see you as a wonderful person who is confident, generous, enthusiastic and eager to teach others a spiritual way of life.

7. The Phoenix Plane

This is the highest level of spirituality. This level is an amazingly fulfilling state of consciousness. But not all of us will reach that level in life. You know that you are part of the material world, but somehow you believe that you do not belong on earth. You’re grateful for all the lessons you’ve learned, but you still feel like it’s time to move on.

Your vibrations are raised and you connect with your higher self. Like a phoenix, you have walked through fire and ashes only to become an amazing creature that shines with its magical powers. Your empathy no longer distracts you. It doesn’t bother you either. She is now a great source of strength and transformation.

You are also in connection with your Guardian Angel and begin to heal the world. You can be a teacher for others who want to follow your path. However, you know that your path is not the only true one, but that there are a million different paths that lead there. That’s why the levels of spirituality are becoming even clearer to you now. There is no more fear in your life. only love.

These are the 7 levels of spirituality: where do you stand?

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