These Are Your Most Likely Phobias According To Your Zodiac Sign

Those things that raise irrational fears in us are also those that mark our personality and are more related to our birth and zodiac sign than we could imagine since the stars model and nuance our sensitivity, philias, and phobias.

The most common fears are not always the most involuntary phobias. When we talk about fears, we are appealing to the most irrational part of our personality, the one that warns us of what dangers to avoid and where to lead our lives so as not to fall into certain traps of fate. The zodiac sign marks a personality that places our fears on an important axis, made up of those things that we reject, that we avoid and that we try to keep away.


From March 21 to April 19

Those born under the sign of Aries are confident people who tend to lead the way for others and who show great poise in the way they understand life. However, this stability is not exempt from an Achilles’ heel, as Aries fear the unknown, that which they cannot theoretically control and that will throw the control they exercise over all facets of life into chaos. “Fear of fear” could be defined, therefore, as this phobia, because they fear that by not being vigilant their security will be disrupted.


From April 20 to May 20

This zodiac sign is earthy, and among its phobias are purely aquatic elements. Drowning, the immensity of the sea, the sea creatures, and the raging storm. These images evoke in Taurus a feeling of restlessness that can “water down” the enjoyment of a day at the beach or an excursion on a boat. Taurus is a persevering and patient people, and that is why they try to dose the way in which they face their fears, to end them in a rational and orderly way.


From May 21 to June 20

Those issues contrary to the social and extroverted personality of Geminis are what can mean a phobia in your case. While they often appear extremely confident, whether when showing off to others, speaking to a group of people, or showing off their skills in public, it’s precisely at close range that Geminis display a certain unease. Gemini’s fears have to do with people, with the possibility that someone tries to take advantage of them, steal from them, or hurt them. They are therefore brilliant people when they are surrounded by many others who listen to them, but they can be fearful if they only have one person to turn to and fear their intentions.


From June 21 to July 22

Cancer is a persevering, confident sign with a lot of personalities. Among his phobias are very basic issues, almost instinctive, which since time immemorial have facilitated the survival of the human race, such as fear of animals or certain types of animals. Cancer can be afraid of any dog ​​or cat or, on the contrary, if they are a lover of these, they can develop a fear of reptiles or arachnids. It is an irrational phobia and it has to do more with the protection impulse than with real danger.


From July 23 to August 22

Those born under the sign of Leo have a stable, rational personality and always look for the reasons for those things that affect them, both those that give them pleasure and joy, as well as sadness and fear. In the case of their phobias, they are able to rationalize their fears and try to scrutinize their origin, in order to minimize their effects. In the case of Leo, the most common phobias have to do with health, since diseases are possible threats that can surface at any time and against which there is not always a way to protect ourselves. Going to the hospital, receiving a medical opinion, or undergoing an examination are usually reasons for a phobia for Leos.


From August 23 to September 22

Virgo’s balance is torn between the most rational and the purely passionate. Therefore, the fears that fall on this zodiac sign are those associated with social issues and personality conflicts. For example stage fright, being rejected by others, fear that the things you do will not be understood or approved by friends or bosses, and fear that friends will withdraw your trust. These fears are sometimes represented in recurrent nightmares, in which Virgos are immersed in a general rejection and try to find the key so that those around them trust their judgment again.


From September 23 to October 22

This sign symbolizes balance, in fact, Libras are people who live abroad: they communicate well, and they like to show off and please. Among the most common phobias of Libras are those that have to do with their own balance, but from a purely practical point of view: their recurring nightmare is being in very high places and suffering from vertigo, or walking on a wide and diaphanous plain. and feel tremendous agoraphobia. Perceiving how they lose their physical stability is a recurrent fear, and for this reason, from a rational point of view, Libras always seek control of the situation in order to be able to anticipate events and exercise their leadership.


From October 23 to November 21

This sign is an all-rounder when it comes to facing life. He usually emerges victorious from the fray in almost any environment, be it social, intellectual, or physical. However, the fears that concern Scorpios are issues related to the occult, and are easily suggestible with fears of the supernatural. They are not prone to horror stories and enjoy suggestions in this regard. The most basic terrors about spirits make them suffer from instant fear and that is why they flee whenever possible from engaging in conversations that extend on these topics and seek very rational explanations for any mysterious event.


From November 22 to December 21

Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are perfectionists and emotional. Among his most common phobias, we can find two very related ones: flying and being in very small spaces. Both are similar, because the plane produces in them a certain feeling of claustrophobia, with the lurking danger of being victims of a plane crash, which is a very common fear in earth signs. But, in addition, claustrophobia is closely related to the freedom profile of Sagittarians, who do not take well to feeling held back and see their possibilities limited to a very small space.


From December 22 to January 19

When we refer to those born under the sign of Capricorn, we are appreciating the profile of those who maintain unusual tendencies. For better and for worse, the personality of Capricorn is a melting pot of possibilities and, therefore, those issues that cause fear are very diverse and sometimes contradictory. Capricorns tend to hypochondria and are afraid of contracting diseases and infections. However, in their daily lives, they show great rationality and are often attracted to medical professions. 


From January 20 to February 18

Aquarians unequivocally fear anything that involves change. A move, a change of employment… even a change of neighbors. Anything that opens a window into a new universe where unknown conflicts can surface can make Aquarians shiver and lose self-confidence. This manifests in a dreamlike way with another related phobia, the fear of spiders, which is an image that suggests speed, surprise, and shock.


From February 19 to March 20

Those born under the sign of Pisces are selfless and generous people. And yet, one of the fears they most suffer from is being robbed. They take extreme security measures and sometimes it can even seem that they were traumatized by a previous experience. However, it is a matter superior to them and they are always alert, not because of the fear of being robbed and losing their belongings, but because of the fear of feeling that aggression and of wanting to avoid at all costs the traumatic experience of seeing how your prized possessions are snatched away and your stability is disrupted by it.

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