These three zodiac signs fall in love in April

According to the horoscope , April says “Love is in the Air” for these three zodiac signs. You can look forward to the really big spring fever. Because a new love is coming into her life.

These zodiac signs fall in love in April.


For a long time, cancer suffered from a past separation. But that has now come to an end. April finally has nice surprises and great spring fever in store for the zodiac sign. From the middle of the month there will be an additional boost in self-confidence thanks to the full moon. This makes Cancer particularly attractive to your new love.


There is no zodiac sign that loves being in love more than Leo. He really enjoys seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses, drunk with love. And in April it could actually be that time again . Because a very special person takes the fire sign’s breath away. Leo just needs to keep their eyes peeled, this person could come into their lives in the next few weeks.


The Virgo can also look forward to great feelings after a long love thirst stretch. Your dating life will really get going again in April and there may be a new love among the dates. However, the Virgo should not hold back when it comes to great feelings, just speak up. The stars align well for a new relationship.