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These Zodiac Signs Are Extremely Sneaky

These Zodiac Signs Are Extremely Sneaky

Some people don’t say their opinions outright, but instead, keep a good face to the bad game and instead vent their anger in small actions over time. An action that can quickly become sneaky.

These three zodiac signs can be particularly sneaky.


Gemini are often said to have two sides. And for some, that’s painfully true. Because the sign of the zodiac tends to consciously keep the actual intentions and attitudes to themselves and to hide them. They usually try to protect themselves and not reveal too much.

However, this trait can be quite exhausting, especially in a close friendship or relationship, because it prevents you from really knowing the Gemini and knowing what they are thinking. As a result, some decisions, statements, and actions often seem insidious, because the twins had been assessed very differently before.


Leos always see themselves as their top priority. No matter what happens, they must be fine. Regardless of the loss, they go their own way and remove every obstacle – no matter what the means.

As a result, lions quickly become sneaky, especially in their circle of friends, and often show, especially in tricky situations, that they are willing to lose a friendship if it brings them closer to their goal.

Most of the time, however, they are completely unaware of how insidious some actions were. It is all the more important to make the lions clearly aware of the consequences of their actions. Because the only thing lions hate more than a missed goal is a bad image.


Scorpios love to appear mysterious. They crave being an enigma to those around them and want at all costs to prevent anyone from knowing them inside and out. This reserved nature helps the zodiac sign not to be hurt in many cases, but it also has a big downside.

Because of this silent and reserved nature, Scorpios quickly appear unpredictable and their decisions are often arbitrary. Because those around them don’t even know how long the sign of the zodiac has harbored a grudge against another person before they take revenge surprisingly or deliberately act behind their back. As a result, many quickly get the impression that Scorpios are sneaky.

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These Zodiac Signs Are Extremely Sneaky

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